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How lightning and rain are created!

Updated on November 16, 2011

This is how lightning and rain are made

I will take a few moments to explain this to you, I came to this hypothesis about 5 yrs ago. I am assured once you research what I am saying, you will agree, and see that yes, this is an actual breakthrough.
When the sun and it's heat are openly exposed to large bodies of water, a lake, the ocean, etc... Heat does what it naturally does to water it causes it to evaporate. Well let's look at this more in depth. Where exactly does all that evaporated water go? We can put water in a glass jar, put it in the window sill, and see that the water will accumulate on the cap of the jar because of the sun heating that water up. Thus proving the water actually goes UP!!! O.k. now....
As the water gets heated from the (lake) the oxygen atom becomes de-polarized, it voluntarily separates itself from the hydrogen atom , it then goes back up to the ozone layer (where it is abundant in oxygen) and re- polarizes itself. The hydrogen atom follows the oxygen atom up to the atmosphere and awaits the oxygen atom to do so, or will choose another oxygen host that is already ready for bonding.
Now... When the oxygen atom is ready the hydrogen atom re-bonds to the oxygen atom. UPON THIS EXACT BONDING MOMENT (AND YOU MAY RESEARCH THIS TO CONFIRM) A SMALL ELECTRICAL CHARGE IS PRODUCED. Here's where it get's interesting.... Imagine trillions/billions/millions (whatever the number may be) bonding at the same exact time. The result... lightning. Now as for where it will strike, this is a solution that will never be solved. Once that electrical charge is so great the only thing it can do is expel itself as quickly as possible. There is no determined path. However it will "crack down the sky" and change directions on the way down naturally seeking out a conductor. This is what electricity does. Hopefully that conductor will not be a human : )
This is the process of the production of lightning. I hope I wrote it in a way that is understandable. By the way... we don't want to forget... Once the hydrogen re-bonds to oxygen and the electrical charge is reestablished this bonded atom then re-falls to earth in the form of what we call rain.
I realize this answer may seem so obvious or simple, but most of the real answers in science are. The answers are always right there in our faces, we just need to take the time to back engineer ( so to speak) what we are looking at!
Your thought's to this hypothesis would be greatly appreciated.


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    • RK Sangha profile image

      RK Sangha 5 years ago from USA

      Thanks for this hub.

    • profile image

      effilnuc 6 years ago from eastern australia

      My layman's or feynmann's understanding of this blog is simply cold fusion...

      The fission of oxygen and hydrogen is the foundation of life...

      Or is it the fusion of oxygen and hydrogen?

      Anyways, why is control of energy, whether it is fossil, atomic or renewable such an issue?

      Fossil, atomic or renewable are simple labels that categorize the time scale to which the respective energy cycle is being subjected.

      The objective understanding is that energy is energy. It is more abundant than we could every measure, let alone allude to control.

      PS, Don't you love how the SOUND of thunder echoes from a lightning strike? Let us reverse engineer such an event to conclude that if thunder FOLLOWS the bonding of oxygen and hydrogen atoms, then sound may PRECEDE the separation of same.