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How money can make you unhappy

Updated on February 7, 2016

How Money Can make You unhappy?

There is a saying that money cannot buy happiness, but money can bring unhappiness. Do you want to know how? The families with lots of money and children can face lots of problems when they grow up as adults and get married. If the people who are the owners of the property and money are not prudent enough to sort the deeds out when the kids were young; they will bound to have problems later in life.

How Money can Divide your family?

In some families this becomes a serious issue and ends up separating the family, forever and if the unity of the family is gone, there is no point in holding on to that sort of wealth. We all work hard throughout our lives to provide for our families and want to see their happiness and enjoyment. Even if we had worked hard and was not smart enough to foresee the future consequences, there is no point in working hard and making that money. The money we have is meant to help us to resolve unexpected issues, our future life, the happiness and to maintain our lifestyle till we live.The things may happen because of the newcomers to the family as they like to create trouble in the family because they might be coming from split families. I am writing this because of my life experience. Further, from the above you will have people expect you to help them financially all the time or may be asking for loans. These are all tough situations for the people who have money. Are you prepared to help out friends and relatives all the with your hard earned money? I don't think so; we will see how we can manage the situation. So, how do you expect to solve the problem of the divided family due to financial issues and bring them back together?

How to bring the family back together?

If your children leave you because of the misunderstanding that you are favouring one of them and helping that son/daughter more than the others in the family, will make you unhappy. But, you have to allow them for a while till they realise the comforts that they are missing out, that will make them to think about you and want to pay you a visit. When they come to see you should treat them well, so that it will give them an opportunity to forget the prejudice and come to terms. They might continue to do this for a while before they start the money issue to discuss again. You should have expected this type of behaviour from your children and sorted the money issues in their absence and having prepared with explanations, in the event that the questions have been asked. It will ultimately make them happy and will try and get back together with you. But, the crucial point to remember, that you got to have savings for you and your partner to survive without going back to them for any help and maintain your self-esteem.

How to avoid others look to as a charity?

Now, we will look at the issue having money is making me unhappy and suffering from guilt. You might think that I have worked hard all my life without having fun and saved this money. So, why do this person expect me to help them all the time? One thing we all have to understand that there are people who really deserve support from people like you, and you need to help them on a reasonable and consistent basis that is an important part of our life. You have to teach your children as well to continue to support the individuals like this. Some people are lazy to work hard and some are spending beyond their means. I have seen laziness and instability go together most of the time in some of the individuals. This category of persons expect help from people for their lavish life, who have money, without even accepting how hard this person has worked hard all his/her life and will begin to curse you, I am sure that will not break you down. Have money but live with peace and happiness!


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