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How to Be a Good College Roomate

Updated on August 17, 2011

 You just got into the college of your choice. You're 18 and are so excited to be away from home. While dorming at school can be fun it can also be stressful. That is if you and your roomate don't get along. Here are 10 ways on how to be a good roomate so you can have a great year and get along with your roomate.

1) If your roomate likes to go to bed early respect her/his wishes and don't have the radio or TV blasting or leave the light on all night.

2) Don't criticize your roomate if you don't agree with their likes/dislikes/values.

3) Treat all your roomates the same. If you are going somewhere with one roomate, always invite the others so no one feels left out.

4) Don't make a pass at your roomates boyfriend/girlfriend.

5) If your roomate says having guys sleep over or in the room a lot make her feel uncomfortable listen to her and think about how you would feel if you were in her shoes.

6) If your boyfriend/girlfriend doesen't get along with your roomate don't bring her/him into the room.

7) If you have a disagreement or have a problem talk it out instead of talking behind your roomates back.

8) Give your roomate some space. If you are together all of the time, you may begin to get tired of each other. You can still be close but now and then give each other some space so you can keep the bond strong.

9) When someone says something negative about your roomate stick up for him/her and not tell them every single bad thing that people say about him/her or go against her.

10) If you come in in the middle of the night and see your roomate sleeping don't put the radio on or start talking on the phone.

Dorming at school can be the best experience but if you don't get along with your roomates it can be the worst experience. Here are 10 ways how to be the perfect roomate and avoid any roomate problems.


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