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7 Practical Steps To Becoming A Genius

Updated on July 2, 2015

A Practical Approach to Becoming a Genius

Step 1. Understand it is possible to become a genius.

There’s a popular notion being portrayed that you are born a genius or you are not. There is no proof of that. It’s just something told to us so much and that so many people started to believe that we started to believe it. But more so I think it is tempting for people to use that as an excuse to escape the burden of self-improvement and allows us to get back to sitting on the couch watching TV without a looming cloud of guilt hanging over our heads.

If you graduated high school then you are smart enough to develop the skills to become a genius. Think about it like this. How many books, magazines, TV shows, articles, blogs, and websites will you have read by the end of your life? When you add it all together, the number is astounding, even if you don’t score high on an IQ test.

You can never reach the upper limits of you mind if you have already setup blocks in your mind that prevents you from doing so. You have the ability and potential of becoming a genius if you only gave yourself the permission to do so and dedicate yourself to the task of pushing yourself as far as possible.

Step 2. Face the fact that you are ignorant.

It may appear like I am contradicting myself at first by saying that your ignorant, but your also capably of becoming a genius, but give me a change to explain how this paradox makes absolute sense.

Everyone is born insane. In order for you to become a genius, you need to grow into it. And the more room you allow yourself to grow, the more you can grow. In the first step we talked about people that give up before they even start, but there are probably even more people who after receiving a little bit knowledge believe they have reached the zenith of human knowledge. Then they feel obligated to teach everyone else their new found knowledge as they pat themselves on the back and looking down at everyone else.

It’s funny though, that these demi-gods don’t feel the need to push themselves any further than their point of perfection and don’t, they happily spend the rest of their lives on the altar they they’ve set themselves on.

Step 3. Face the fact that everyone around you is ignorant.

Humanity is yet to have everything figured out; in fact they are very far from it. Our entire history from the beginning has been a slow process of adults with little idea children with little idea. The younger generation has always assumed that their parents’ generation has found all the answers. So children focus their energy on copying their superiors which have been passed down from generations reaching to the primitive monkeys.

Every so often, a few rebels break away from the norm their culture tried to force on them, and finally get something new comes out of the world. Then they get the chance to be ridiculed or maybe even killed for going against the grain. But if their new knowledge and discoveries withstand the test of time, then in a few generations everyone will take that newly acquired knowledge for granted and mock their predecessors for being so ignorant while they themselves are yet to start thinking for themselves and continue living their lives on autopilot.

It is this type of environment in which you were raised as well. You will have the chance to meet people at every turn you make who will tell you they have life completely figured out. If they know something that you don’t, then just maybe they have something worth learning, but the moment you take their answers as if they were carved in stone is the moment you stop growing and start living a substandard life.

Everything you learn should be taken with a grain of salt. If you learnt something from someone that is true, it probably still only part of the truth. Questioning others and their beliefs will only help you gain a clear understanding and perception of the truth.


Step 4. Create a methodical approach to understanding life.

Just imaging for a moment that it’s the weekend and you don’t have to go to work, but you have a long list of things you need to get don’t by the end of the weekend. If you just aimlessly wander around the house and do something here and there when it is most convenient, you will net get around to completing your list.

Growing into a genius (i.e. growing up, facing reality) is the same. You can’t wander around life aimlessly and casually completing things you’re hungry or inspired to accomplish and hope to make the most out of what you become in life. You need a foolproof documented plan with step-by-step actions you will take (preferably on your mirror you look at every morning). Chances are you don’t have a plan like this and therefore are probably not going to make the most out of your mind and life.

Creating a methodical approach to understanding life sounds like an insurmountable task that can only be done by great men who have come and gone, but that’s not true. All that is required of you is to find out the most important things in life (from greatest to least). I don’t care how many excuses you make for why you can’t do that, but in the end, all those excuses will only keep you from accomplishing what is most important and prevent you from making the most out of your mind and life. Where did you get the idea that you couldn’t or should take control of your own life? I mean, what did you think life was all about? This is it. This is the meaning of life. This is what you need to strive for. Learning the most important things is the biggest part of growing up and becoming a genius.

Step 5. Learn about everything

How would you understand life if you couldn’t take some else advice? By reading to find truth and learning everything about as much as you can. Many people in this world don’t give themselves enough credit for how smart they really are. Think about how much you know about Movies, music, comics, just from watching TV just by watching little bit ever week (probably every day)

Even you you spend a quarter of your life on the couch watching brain cell killing TV, you would still have a better understanding of the world than anyone born 1000 years ago. Compared to them, you are a genius. Now take that a step further and you can consciously become a genius by learning a little bit about important subjects every day.

Step 6.Find the right questions

Even if you manage to stuff a sufficient amount of information into your brain to win all the jeopardy matches in the world that does not make you a genius. What separates the true genius’ from the others is “meaning”. Is your knowledge and the resultant questions you ask meaningful? Do your goals and aspirations contribute to the greater good of mankind? Do they help others? If not, then there really is no significance in how many awards or qualifications you have or how many people give you a high five, your efforts are in vain and meaningless.

You don’t need to be intelligent to the point of knowing what E=MC2 is. We don’t need seven billion rocket scientists in the world anyways. We need intelligent people from every aspect of life. We need geniuses who can provide meaningful solutions to the fields in which they have studied. Simply providing meaningful solutions to life’s various problems is an act of genius. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean you can just relax for the remainder of your life. It’s a lifestyle of constant engagement. However, just because you find a solution to one problem does not make you a genius in every other aspect of life. No one, I repeat no one is a genius from end-to-end. Everyone falls short in other areas.

Adolf Hitler & Benito Mussolini
Adolf Hitler & Benito Mussolini | Source

Step 7. Question your belief system.

Just imagine you questioned you belief system and the foundation of your thoughts and found them a bit lacking. What would you do? Let’s say you thought it all through and re-wrote your rules and congratulated yourself for making such great improvements. Then you proceed to live your life by those new rules and beliefs, and even taught them to other people. There is just one problem, your Adolpf Hitler, Charles Manson, or Joseph Stalin. Question your belief system.


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    • Omeva profile image

      Omar Jackson 2 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      Hey Rtalloni,

      Thanks for the feedback, I'm still working on that overlapping, its a bit tough finding material in my head sometimes. But I admire the support you showed to that little girl, sometimes it just takes a little encouragement to realize your full potential.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 2 years ago from the short journey

      Well that was a neat, thought filled read. Though a couple of points may overlap inconsistently, each point is quite interesting. This post is most certainly well worth thinking through. Thanks for food for thought to chew on today.

      Also, you reminded me of a little girl (about 2nd grade) I talked with years ago who at best had a difficult background. As we talked she said she could not learn to read. I now forget all of her explanation but it was clear someone had convinced her of that false thought.

      So, I simply smiled at her and asked her who told her that lie. She did not reply, but looked amazed that the conclusion about her being able to read could be a lie. Long story short, she is now a great reader. She's quite brilliant, but still handicapped by her circumstances.

      There are too many like her, and though I know that this kind of handicap is rooted in the concept of the blindness mentioned in Proverbs 4, the practical concepts you discuss here could be of some help to people like her.

      Love your hubber name, Always Keep Learning, and will check out more of your posts.

    • Akriti Mattu profile image

      Akriti Mattu 2 years ago from Shimla, India

      Very well written :)