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How to Build & Maintain & Run more schools in India.

Updated on November 5, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Top 10 NGO's in India.

  • Help Age India - Rank 1
  • Sargam Sanstha - Rank 2
  • Smile Foundation - Rank 3
  • Give India
  • Lepra Society
  • Udaan
  • Deepalaya
  • Uday Foundation
  • Karmayog
  • Pratham
  • There are more than 45,000 NGO's registered perhaps as the data available update is not known.
  • How many are unrigistered we do not know.
  • Why there is a huge number of NGO'S operating from City's Only..
  • How much money they have received from the Govt we do not know as none of them have provided this financial information which is tax payers money.
  • How many NGO's are under political persons or their spouses or relatives or friends we do not know.
  • We do not know many of their websites.
  • How many are running how many primary schools we do not know.
  • How many are running higher education schools and colleges we do not know.
  • How many are running schools in rural areas we do not know.
  • How many are running Industrial Training Institutes.
  • Does the Govt know their activities.
  • How many are Running Schools in remote villages.
  • How many are running how many schools in Villages.
  • How many MP's are running schools in Villages.
  • How Many MLA's are running schools in Villages.
  • Do you have medical check ups for these children
  • What is the frequency of these medical check ups.

NGO'S in INDIA ( Only Registered )

Most of these NGO's and Few NGO's are run by public money and Govt money.How they spend the money is unknown to public.It is high time Govt takes up this seriously and ask them to publish their activities and Balance Sheets by auditors who are appointed by Govt.

45,000 NGO's are registered.( Unregistered may be another 45,000 )

We know of many Non Govt Organizations are working with out any accountability for spending the money they receive from many philanthropists and govt of state and central and most of them do not operate in remote villages where children are eating rats and drinking filthy waters with out good medical care or free supply of good food available to children studying in schools all over the city's and selected places selected by politicians in their constituency.Each Member of the Parliament gets over Rs.100,00,000 to provide basic amenities to the poorest of the poor.This does not happen.

Our Govt managing the nation say's we give money to each state for development but they fail to bring any improvement so it is the people who elect the person's to govern their state we have not put them there.What can we do is only monitor them not to tell them this must be done or that should not be done.

Who are these people?

VO'S is a Joke.

The Planning Commission of India invites all Voluntary Organizations (VOs)/ Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to Sign Up on this system,which has been developed in consultation with the below mentioned Ministries/Departments/Government Bodies to facilitate VOs / NGOs during their interaction with the Government in connection with requests for Government Grants under various schemes of the below mentioned Ministries/ Departments/ Government Bodies, in the first phase

Village Organizations --It is a Joke.

  1. There are Village organizations I know as I have lived in a Village for 3 Years.
  2. They are controlled by the Village Head a elected President.
  3. What does he do.
  4. He gets his people gifts from Govt for having Voted for the Party in Power.
  5. Who ever comes to power must give gifts from Govt.
  6. He supervises his Villages for trouble and solves it.
  7. He will sell lands of farmers by giving them good money and selling it to Land Sharks.
  8. He approves building Plans with out a Plan for his Villages.
  9. He arranges people to come by giving them trucks and free food so that the minister who comes will know he is doing good work.
  10. I tried to run a school when I was living in a Village but the Villagers did not want their kids to go to school because if they get educated they would leave them and go to city to live.Few said they cannot afford to pay for their education.Few others said if their girls study too much they will not get bride grooms to get them married as many young farmers are not much educated and farming is their profession.The Village President said he can help them but cannot force their children to go to school.I spoke to few NGO's to help me in solving the problem.They wanted donations from me in lakhs of Rupees which I could not afford.When I asked these NGO's why they do not even come and talk to them.They said all their volunteers are engaged in present project and if they get new volunteers they will get in touch with me.Looking in to my activities the parents of kids coming to my school stopped coming as per their parents advise.I tried to get some NGO's but most of them were there where it was too far for them to come.My village was in a border with another state and even the two govt's had neglected these villages and towns.The entire border area was run by Mafia and various Cartels of different trades,shops and industries.I left the village and came back to my home in the city.My property in the village will have to be sold.
  11. Only a person with a vision in a Village can change the Village.I tried to change one Village by at least running a school and making the village look better by proper roads lights and water but since I was not a Villager the people did not accept me.They thought I was there to make MONEY.

The biggest organization a NGO in the world in Bangalore Based runs how many Schools.

Govt must make a Law that all NGO'S to Build and Run one School in a Village.

See results

Give us these statistics Mr.Education Minister of India.

  • How may Primary Schools are Run By your Govt since 9 years.
  • How many are run by your Govt in Villages.
  • Do we have a Village with Pre - School for 50 Children.
  • Do you have good roads in remote villages for Children to Walk.
  • How many Children are there in a Class Room.
  • Is there drinking water arrangement in these schools.
  • Are there Libraries in these schools.
  • Do you teach English in these schools.
  • Do you have Audio & Video projectors in these schools.
  • Do the students visit other schools.

Anna Hazare a Villager runs a School for Village Children of Ralegaon Siddhi village, located in the Ahmednagar district near Mumbai June 17, 2011.

Photo - REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui .
Photo - REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui . | Source

He was a Teacher.

Law to make NGO's to run schools.

  1. Govt must make a Law that all NGO's must run a school.
  2. The school must be in a Village.
  3. The school must have good building,class rooms,rest rooms and First Aid Rooms.
  4. The school must take Feed Back from Parents and Preserve them.
  5. The Feed Back Copy's must go to the Chief Minister of the State directly.
  6. The Chief Minister must visit one school in a village in each month.
  7. The Chief Minister must call the Parents of students in one such visit in 6 months.
  8. The school Teacher must be a person selected by a reputed person of honesty.
  9. The school teacher must be a graduate with commitment to his work.

How many Schools are in Remote Villages.

  • How many Schools are run by State Govt in Villages?
  • How many Schools are run by Govt of India in tribal belts.
  • What is the pupil teacher ratio in Govt Schools?
  • What is the Standard Ratio.
  • How much money is spent on school buildings maintenance?
  • How many Schools are with out any building but are under trees.
  • Where do the teachers get teaching training in India.
  • How many such training schools are there in each State?
  • What is the teachers pay in Govt schools.
  • What is the teachers pay in private schools.
  • Who checks the quality of teaching in schools.
  • Why is there a control on starting schools.


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