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How to Correctly Cite a Table from Another Source in APA Style

Updated on October 28, 2010

After inserting, or reproducing, a table from another source, follow the following steps to correctly cite, or reference, the original document and avoid plagiarism charges.

Step 1

Move cursor to the bottom of the inserted table.

Step 2

Italicize font and type "Note." Remove Italics and type "From."

Step 3

Enter 1 space and then insert quotations, with the title of the source in between, followed by a comma. (i.e., "Title of Article,").

Step 4

Type "by" and follow with 1 space. Type author name or names as first initial, second initial, last name. (i.e., A.B. Author).

Step 5

Follow the author names with a comma, 1 space, and then enter the year of publication.

Step 6

Follow the year of publication with a comma and 1 space. Italicize font and enter the title of the journal where the table was published. Follow the title of the journal with a comma, 1 space, and the issue number of the original printing. Type a second comma, and remove Italics for future text.

Step 7

Enter 1 space, type "p." and enter 1 space. Type the page number the table was published on originally. Type a period. Type "Copyright" and follow with the year of the copyright.

Step 8

Enter 1 space and type, "by" followed by the name of the copyright holder. Enter a period. Move 1 space and type "Reprinted with permission." Include the period following. Your table has now been referenced to the original printing.


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