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How to Deal with Stress in School.

Updated on July 9, 2014

How to Deal with Stress in School.

How to Deal with Stress in School.

Many youths today are stressed out. You have teacher-induced stress; classmate-induced stress, upcoming tests, homework, your parents’ high expectations, living up your own expectations, bullies or sexual harassers just to mention a few things. The key is to learn how to manage it effectively. How?

First, identify what is causing your stress. It could be one thing or a few things. Ask yourself: “What symptoms indicate that I’m stressed out?” “Is it that I’m a perfectionist? Be honest with yourself. Don't be affraid of what you may find.

Second, do extensive research. Once you have identified the cause, find articles on it and read about it. The more you read the better you will see that it is posible to manage your stress.

Third, don’t procrastinate. No problems disappear by ignoring them—they get worse and increase your stress.

Fourth, ask for help. Even the strongest of people have their limits. Talk to your parents about what is stressing you out. They also have been stress out at work and when they went to school many times. Ask them what they do to cope with it. You can all find a way together to help you cope with what is giving you stress.

Fifth, school may seem the worst but the pressures are the same ones you have to face in the workplace. So view it as preparation. Not all stress is bad as it indicate that you are diligent and that you don’t have a lazy conscience. The way you deal with it now may set a pattern for dealing with it in the future. There is always a way to manage your stress. Never give up!

Kids are very sensitive to changes. They need down time. Remember they are humans too. Filling there schedule to keep them occupied and out of your way is stressful for young ones.

Affirmed your love and help them to calm down by writing positive notes in their Lunch box. Children can benefit from teaching them the technique of controlled breathing have them practice by teaching a toy how to do it. easy way to make them practice the Technique.

How to Deal with Stress in School.

Keep your Eyes Open

Have you heard children say: "I'm sick of school"; or "I'm sick of homework?" Some of us can take this as just another excuse to get out of doing their duty. Yet, we shouldn't take this complaint lightly.

Here we are considering how this stress can make children physically sick and how we can reduce their stress. Things You’ll Need:

  • pay attention to your children daily routine
  • talk about school with your children
  • take action when needed

You can help your child reduce stress by getting organized. Ask for suggestions. Prioritize. Make a list of projects and assignments and their due dates. If the day starts with math start with the math assignment.

Teach your child not to procrastinate. Always be a step or two ahead. Just because something is due in 2 months doesn't mean you should start it in 2 months.

Stop daydreaming. Listen in class and take good notes. This will actually help you in getting homework done faster.

Don't take more than you can handle. Make sure the classes taken are required. Drop all optional courses. Extra-curricular activities may be fun but they could be affecting your schoolwork.

Most have the idea that success is equal to a high paying job and believe that education is the key to happiness. This can be true to some extent but it is hard to find a balance. At this point your emotional and physical health is more important than money. Be reasonable. Conserve your health. Eliminate less essential things. There are limits to what can be done in a day.

As parents, if you see a change in your child's attitude, health, or stress level, take the time to find out what exactly is wrong. When under stress, homework can make children feel panicky. Others may have stomach pain, headaches, fatigue, weakness and the need to sleep soon after they get home from school. If that doesn't help, talk to the teachers and counselor in school. Take interest now.


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