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How to Dream

Updated on July 27, 2015
Man from Modesto icon on the web.
Man from Modesto icon on the web.

Dream Lessons

These lessons on how to dream will be valuable to every person new to dream analysis, dream journaling, and dream recall. In these lessons, I share some of the most important, and most common aspects of dreaming, as well as some things which are very important to know- but which are nearly universally understood.
These lessons are for all people: Christians, Muslims, atheists, Buddhists, white, black, brown, tan, or silver. I learned these things naturally. They have not been taught to me by any man. These instructions on how to dream were learned during my first two years of dreaming. During that time, I recorded one to several dreams every night and wrote out a half page to more than a dozen pages each day. In that two years, from March, 1994 to March, 1996, I read nothing on dreams. My experience was natural, not front-loaded or otherwise influenced.

Dream Lesson #1

Where do Dreams Originate?

What are the sources of dreams?

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Dream Lesson #2

How to React to Dreams

Dream Lesson #3

Dreams can be valid information, and they can be disinformation. Dreaming is not just an interaction with the subconscious, it is an interaction with the supernatural. As stated elsewhere in my teachings, and independently from other Christian writers, dreams originate from three sources. These three sources are mind, the Kingdom of God, and the Kingdom of Darkness.

Dream Lesson #3

Color or Black & White?

Do you dream mostly in color or in black and white?

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Filter out Your Own Biases, Expectations, and Thoughts

Dream Lesson #4

The mind continues to operate during dreaming. It is certainly operational during recall. Our thoughts can be inserted into a dream when we ponder something seen, or talk to ourselves. This is separate from the actual dream recall, and is subject to being completely wrong. (Often is.) Be aware of this, and work to eliminate it in both your waking life, and in your dreaming experience.

How to Dream Lesson #4

Dark Forces will Attempt to Mislead Dreamers

Dream Lesson #5

They are observed in all cultures. They are called fairies, demons, jinn, genies, and many other names. These are real forces. If you want to learn how to dream, you absolutely must be aware of this and advance carefully.

Dream Lesson #5

Methods used by Dark Forces to Mislead you in Dreams

Dream Lesson #6 (pt. 1)

Appeal to Pride (you are a king), appeal to arrogance, pressure by fear of penalty: these are some of the tactics demons use in dreams to lead you off course.

Dream Lesson #6 (pt. 1)

False Dreams

Dream Lesson #6 (pt. 2)

Delusion: False dreams attempt to build up arrogance and lead you to believe you have some kind of important future. The goal is to lead people off their true life course, and into pain and loss. It will look good, but end badly. There will be no peace in it.

Dream Lesson #6 (pt. 2)

Taking Notes

Dream Lesson #7

Taking notes is very important. How is this done efficiently and effectively? How is this done to minimize losing recall depth and clarity?

Dream Lesson #7

How to Analyze a Dream

There are many ways to break down a dream. But, this method I have found to be very easy. One of the best and easiest methods to interpret a dream is to reduce the dream into core components and interpret each dream symbol one by one. Prayer is the most effective method to understand each item.

Break Down the Dream into Parts

Some dreams are packed with symbols, interacting in complex ways. These should can be easily prayed into using a simplified approach. Reduce the dream to core objects first. Second, pray into the interactions.

I dreamed a three part dream. In the first part, a white Corvette careened backward down a sloping plane. It spun out of control before finally stopping. In the second part, a white classic car stopped at “my father’s house.” I got out and went inside to retrieve some tools. In the third part, I saw 15 frames of a building going up, one by one.

How to Interpret a Dream


1. Understand all three dreams relate to one topic. The first two clearly go together, drawn together by a ‘white car’ symbol. The third part, 15 frames, seems totally unassociated. But, all dreams in one night go together.

2. Look at each dream section one at a time.

3. Write down the major objects and actions.

4. Pray into each object. Listen for the Holy Spirit to tell you what is represented. Listen. If you are confused, ask questions which can be answered yes or no.

5. Pray into the actions in the dream.

6. Repeat for each section of the dream (three in this example.)

7. Pray about how the sections are related.

Example Dream Interpretation

In the first part, the white Corvette represents me myself. (See my lens, Top 3 Dream Symbols and Their Meanings.) In the second part, the same is true for the white classic car.

The house is my father’s house. This means the house of God. The tools I received were knowledge about engineering.

The careening out of control represented procrastination. I have been sitting on an engineering project for weeks without completing it. It was poorly designed, and therefore required a lot of work on my part.

The 15 frames I saw represented the 15 bays spaced at 2 feet on center of the project.

The dream is a warning. I need to complete the project by just focusing on one frame at a time, rather than attempting the entire building as a whole.

This was completed exclusively by praying. No dream dictionaries or Jungian (eastern mystical) practices were employed.


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    • Man from Modesto profile image

      Man from Modesto 3 years ago from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California)

      I have many, many lessons on dreaming and dream interpretation at

    • torrilynn profile image

      torrilynn 3 years ago

      this was very enlightening. I've had several dreams in one night and always forget them and sometimes I am unable to figure out what they mean. this article was useful and very informative. thanks.