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How to Effectively Learn Hindi Language Online

Updated on September 7, 2015

Hindi Spoken Around the World

Countries where Hindi is spoken are highlighted in dark brown and orange. India is in dark brown.
Countries where Hindi is spoken are highlighted in dark brown and orange. India is in dark brown.

Top 10 Spoken Languages Of The World

Native Speakers
Total Speakers
873 million
1.3 billion
570 million
970 million
330 million
550 million
328 million
1.8 billion
232 million
260 million
220 million
230 million
203 million
253 million
145 million
300 million
126 million
130 million
109 million
120 million
Hindi is second on this list of spoken languages.

Hindi spoken in India

Northern States of India where Hindi and its dialects are spoken are highlighted in dark green.
Northern States of India where Hindi and its dialects are spoken are highlighted in dark green.

About Hindi. Where is it Spoken?

Hindi is a language that is also referred to as Hindustani. Various dialects of Hindi are spoken in the Northern and Central states of India.These include Himachal Pradesh,Haryana,Delhi,Uttar Pradesh,Rajasthan,Bihar,Madhya Pradesh,Chattisgarh,Sikkim,Jharkhand,Uttarakhand.

The other states of India have their own regional languages,but there are people who know and speak Hindi also.In schools,it is compulsory to learn a second language, and most opt for Hindi.

Hindi is also the second most spoken language in the world.

Out of the 6900 spoken languages in the world, 3 out of every 7 billion people, speak one of the following 10 languages.

The world's top spoken languages which includes Hindi.

  1. Mandarin - 873 million native speakers and 1.3 billion total speakers
  2. Hindi - 570 million native speakers and 970 million total speakers
  3. Spanish - 330 million native speakers and 550 million total speakers
  4. English - 328 million native speakers and 1.8 billion total speakers
  5. Arabic - 232 million native speakers and 260 million total speakers
  6. Portugese - 220 million native speakers and 230 million total speakers
  7. Bengali - 203 million native speakers and 253 million total speakers
  8. Russian - 145 million native speakers and 300 million total speakers
  9. Japanese - 126 million native speakers and 130 million total speakers
  10. Punjabi - 109 million native speakers and 120 million total speakers

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Why Should You Learn to Speak Hindi?

There are many reasons to learn spoken Hindi. Out of a survey I conducted recently,these were among the answers.

I am traveling to India to see the Taj Mahal.

I am traveling to India for Ayurveda treatments.

To learn yoga,said some.

To see tigers and elephants up close in the national forest reserves.

I am getting married to an Indian.I love the exotic Indian beauties.

I want to be able to communicate with my new inlaws.They know English, but I want to surprise them in their own language.

I love watching Bollywood movies,especially the dance sequences.I would also love to learn Bollywood dance.

I love Indian music,so soulful.

I love Indian food,particularly chicken tikka masala.I want to learn Indian curry recipes.

Of course, there are some who have to travel to India on work, or live in India as part of their ongoing projects for awhile.

Then there are nonresident Indians(NRIs), who want their children to learn spoken Hindi, which is their mothertongue,so that though they live outside India, they can converse with their grandparents on Skype or when they visit them in India.

Whatever the reason, while in India, one would like to know and speak the local language in order to be able to live and travel hassle free. Engaging domestic help,or hiring new help for your local offices can be less daunting when you speak their language and converse confidently to get your tasks done on a daily basis.

Hiring taxi, ordering food and drink at the local restaurant, asking for directions, inquiring about sightseeing places, all are necessary scenarios that one must learn in the local language. Anywhere in the world! Common and necessary phrases and vocabulary will always come in handy. Of course, survival phrases in Hindi are a must addition to your learning.

Learn About Indian Culture and Traditions

Children celebrating Holi,the festival of Colors in India
Children celebrating Holi,the festival of Colors in India

How to Find Quality Resources Online to Learn Hindi

Home Tutors : An Indian home tutor can fill your need to learn Hindi effectively. Pronunciations must be corrected immediately while learning to speak,for a different meaning altogether may be conveyed if you do not pronounce a word or phrase properly. It could also be disrespectful of an elder.

Tutorial Websites :There are several websites that offer to teach you Hindi language. Some are being run by non-Indians,not native speakers.They may have learnt Hindi on their own or through some other source and are now looking to improve by practicing what they learnt and also teaching it to others. I am not against these, but then you would be better off learning from a website tutorial run by a resident Indian.

Skype Hindi Tutors : Or an Indian tutor who lives in India and speaks Hindi fluently. And has been teaching in a structured manner for a long time. It would be ideal if you could let the tutor know why you wish to learn Hindi, and what level of fluency you wish to achieve and in what time. Discussing this prior to engaging the tutor will help you get to your goal faster.

The tutor can help tailor your lessons according to your need too.

For example, if you want to travel to India,you learn only what you will require while you sightsee around the country.

If you are a doctor,you learn to take medical and nutritional history of your patients,and communicate with them regarding treatment options.

Or if you are NRI, and wish to make investments in India,and need to quickly find and engage the right people.

NRIs looking for English speaking tutors who can teach their kids to speak Hindi.

A good quality spoken Hindi tutor will provide basic lessons along with cultural aspects to bear in mind while speaking. With typical everyday situations being the highlight. Asking questions to get relevant information, and being able to reply correctly,according to the person being spoken to,whether adult,child or stranger is taken care of in the Skype sessions.

I offer spoken Hindi tutorials via Skype.Have done so for many years.You can contact me through my website,

Books,Multimedia Resources from Amazon : Self study learning material are available in the form of books, audio, video,CD,DVD,etc.. But, one needs to have a strong desire to learn Hindi this way and not procrastinate. Also, since there is no accountability,most people buy when they want to and keep putting off actual learning. Some begin with a bang and don't complete either. But,there is another reason for this. These learning material are not tailor-made.They are resources that one need not use entirely. For example,one does not need to learn what is in the entire dictionary of the English language to know and speak English.So also with Hindi.

Certificate Courses in Hindi : As many as 150 universities around the globe,including the Delhi University and University of Yale,have an entire department dedicated to Hindi. One can receive a certificate of completion at the end.These will be useful to those who want an indepth knowledge of Hindi in order to author a book, make a movie,or become a Hindi professor.

Of course,you can dig up endless videos on youtube which offer a sampling of Hindi for you. But, these will not be designed to suit your specific needs.

Did you know?

Learning a new language changes your brain for the better. New research shows that your brain network changes its structure as well as function,as you learn,regardless of whether you are 4 or 84!

Learn Hindi

My Top Tips to Make Learning Hindi More Effective

  1. Learning any new language means you are investing in yourself. A new skill set is being developed for which you must set aside time each day or every alternate day to this cause.
  2. Listening to the language being spoken by a native helps you understand best ways to pronounce and get the right accents while speaking.
  3. Any conversation begins and ends with greetings and goodbyes. Perfecting this first helps you break the ice next time you want o try speaking to someone in Hindi. This gives you confidence.
  4. Begin using commonly used phrases and words in appropriate situations. Increase your vocabulary and frequency of speaking.
  5. Never pass up an opportunity to speak Hindi.
  6. Watch bits of a Bollywood movie 5-10 minutes, to understand.
  7. While learning, stand in front of your mirror to say out loud.You must hear yourself and see how you sound.
  8. Find an Indian friend and begin a conversation-start with greeting,and introduce yourself.
  9. Practice what you learn each day at every opportunity.
  10. Find a good tutor,online or in your city to help you gain fluency.


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