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How to Finish College as a Responsible Adult

Updated on July 24, 2017

Going back to college to finish your degree can be an interesting journey if you are committed to giving you very best. You may have dropped out of college when you were 18 or 19 dues to the inability to the excitement of being young and full of raw adventure. But now, after working for several years in a restaurant, you are ready to take life more serious.

Perhaps you want to live the American dream: get an excellent job, marry and have a family. Great idea. Many of us desire to improve our quality of living. When we embrace such desires, progress happens on a continuous basis.

Going back to finish college as a responsible adult will take commitment and determination, especially if you have other responsibilities that need constant attention. Your responsibilities may include making rent payments, taking care of a child, or financially supporting your own college expenses. Nevertheless, you must effectively handle your responsibilities while completing college.

Things You’ll Need to Do First

  • Organize Your Affair Outside of School
  • Contact the Under-Grad Administration
  • Fill out a Returning Student Application
  • Connect with Your school counselor
  • Select the appropriate course programs
  • Dedicate yourself to finishing college with Joy

Get Your Personal Life in Order

Going back to college can be terrifying, especially if you are not in control of your personal life. All your affairs need to be organized around academics. For example, if you work a job or take care children, you need to prioritize your time and daily activities You must set hours aside for study and devotion to your coursework.

You may have to persuade relatives or friends to help you out with situations which you are unable to handle while in school. Disorganization in your personal life is extremely toxic. Therefore, make sure your personal house is in order

Contact Under Grad Administration

The first thing you want to do is contact the under grad administration at the college you were attending before you quit. They will give you directions as to the next step. You will have to fill out documents pertaining returning students.

Check Your Financial Aid Status

Make sure you apply for financial aid, even if you think you have saved up enough money to support your own expenses. Qualifying for additional monetary assistance will go a long way in helping to eliminate financial worries.

You never know when a financial emergency may appear in your life and affairs. Many adults have dropped out of college due to financial distress.

Go to your financial aid office to find out what monetary assistance is available. You may be offered a combination of Loans, grants and or a scholarship for adult learners.

Connect with School Counselor

As a returning student, you need someone with which to stay in constant communication. Don’t avoid going to your counselor. Your counselor is that person you will discuss the ups and downs of college life and its changes.

Your college or university may have changed a lot since you last attended. College programs and courses change overtime. But a counselor can give you insights into these changes and help you select the right courses toward graduation.

Select the Appropriate Coursework

Your counselor will help you select the classes you will need to complete for graduation. Don’t waste your time taking a course which is unrelated to your major. They may be fun courses (beginning piano) but they are a waste of money when you consider the cost of 1 credit. You’ll be better off using the money for more important things pertaining directly toward graduation.

Dedicate Yourself to Finishing College with Joy

Who wants to drag themselves through college? Although it happens, it’s no fun. You should enjoy college, even though you are a responsible adult. Sure, you will probably be surrounded by a much younger crowd of students, but make the most of it. Get to know students with which you can easily connect. Study together. Have lunch together. Do fun things together.

Are You Ready to Return to College?

If you had to return to college as an adult student, how would you feel?

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College life becomes more exciting when you take the journey along with others. In togetherness, you find encouragement and hope. Others can help you stay motivated and committed to finishing your academic journey.

Are You Ready to Finish What You Started?

Finishing college as a responsible adult will not be easy, but once you have completed the journey, you will be elated that you have made a significant difference in the quality of your life and affairs. You will be more confident and focused professional, prepared for a new beginning.


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