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How to Get High Grades at College

Updated on October 15, 2011

Strategies For University Students To Get High Grades

When you read my title , you may think that I am going to talk about studying hard, memorizing , overloading ,….. . In fact it is all strategies you set yourself . You may feel worried about tests , so you will overfill your head with your books content , but you should know here it all does not work in such a way . Success at college depends on strategies you set yourself . Besides attending all classes and being always on time, which is the most important factor here, there are many other things you can learn about and apply them . These factors are related to the lecture , the professors , and the study for the test itself .

As I have mentioned above, attending classes on time is the best factor in college success. It tells your professors a lot about you . In addition, try to sit near the front in the class to get the maximum of the lecture and avoid distraction in the back . Choosing a seat in the first two rows says ‘’ Hello. I am here to learn .’’ and this is one thing professors like. Before you come to class make sure that you have read about the topic at home before . You can read from the handout given by the professor , a book, or search the net . It is very successful to prepare yourself and get an idea about the lecture . That helps you share professor and keeps you an active participant . You should take your way of sharing into consideration here . Teachers and professors do not like to hear the same thing written in the handout or the book and in the same words . They prefer to hear a productive output.

University professors have different personalities and use different teaching techniques . Figure them out and create a good reputation for youself . You can successfully reach this by asking questions during lecture or the time after in their offices . But be careful here, most, if not all teachers or professors do not like to be visited a lot in their offices , by their students of course . So, choose the best relevant questions and ask your professors in the class. Furthermore, it is not enough to make your professors know who you are . Your good reputation should reach those teachers, who do not teach you, too . They may become your teachers next year , or may become the supervisors of your research or your practical training . I still remember that , I went looking for my teacher at college but he was not there . When another teacher asked me about my name , to take a message for my teacher , he soon replied ‘’ Oh .So you are Nawal !! ‘’ . I felt so happy that time and knew that I had a good reputation in the office among the teachers there . It really works . All what teachers want is good students and active participations .

As I have stated before, a factor of success and getting high scores at college depends on the way of test study . This means that you should set a good and practical schedule for study . You do not need much effort now . You have prepared all lectures, asked teachers about points you did not understand , and may be discussed some with friends . What you have to do now is to recall all this . Good teachers usually set at least one question that helps students think about, understand, and then express the answer in their own way . So, do not study topics by heart, but rather understand them in a way that enables you to answer any question in the test . You can study for a period of time then take a break to listen to the radio, watch a TV, call a friend, or just take a rest , then continue studying . Remember , your brain has a specific amount of space for information storage , so do not overfill it . When you find yourself repeating the same thing unconsciously, know that it is the ring to take a break . One more factor here is to look for previous years test papers for the same professor, because that helps you understand the way of questions formed by the professor and guides you to the way of how to study for the test .

In conclusion , getting high scores has no relationship to studying every thing by heart . But it is some strategies and skills students set according to some conditions due to lectures and being on time, the way different professors act and explain, and the strategy of test study .


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    • profile image

      Mugaahed alfutaahy 5 years ago

      Well , I absolutely agree with you on every single word you wrote here....

      Let me say in other words that you put Success in our hands by what you wrote here....

      Thank you Nawal..

      Great as always...

      Two thumbs up for you ...

    • nawal alkathery profile image

      nawal alkathery 6 years ago

      yes.. of course you can ... Just Copy the URL address and share it with friends .... wish you all success .... :)

    • profile image

      agoess 6 years ago

      in addition to get high grades at college,student must learn to apply their knowledge in the community where they lived.It's the key to success,I think. I ask permission to share this great post with all friends of mine....

    • profile image

      ISLAM IMENE 6 years ago


    • nawal alkathery profile image

      nawal alkathery 6 years ago

      Thanks .. well.... You may be right dear . But , I did say that getting high marks depends ONLY on reading handouts ... wish you all success .....

    • profile image

      Bushra Baowain 6 years ago

      We can say that: we can not get high grades just by memorizing, but in fact reading handouts and keeping them in heart are enough to get high marks in many of our schools and colleges...

    • Farmer Brown profile image

      Farmer Brown 6 years ago

      As an instructor in higher ed, I can say that you have some great tips here! Read the book, come to class, stay engaged. Voted up :)