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How to Get Rid of Spiders

Updated on November 6, 2011

How to Get Rid of Spiders

Spiders are the most feared (irrationally, incidentally, as you'll see) insect out there, and it's always a shock to see one in the house. In most cases, spiders are perfectly harmless, and are easily captured and removed. In some cases, usually only when they feel very threatened, spiders will bite. In that case, it is a very good idea to capture the spider if you can, and to do something about the bite - either go see your doctor or go to the local poison center.

Spiders can be tricky to get rid of, as they are usually solitary hunters. They spin webs where they think they'll find other insects, and will, if eliminated or removed, often be replaced almost immediately by another spider. Spiders are great for keeping the population of other insects down, but are often quite creepy. It is for this reason that people usually prefer to remove them. This article will show you how to get rid of spiders for good.


If you discover a spider, you should initially leave it undisturbed. Look around the area, find out if you have any cracks in your windows or doors, and find out where it could have entered your house. Also try to figure out why the spider is there, specifically. Spiders prefer cluttered, cool, and usually dark places. They also prefer areas where there's little movement or activity, as this will allow its prey to move around undisturbed.

Are there more spiders by the places it entered? Is that area cluttered? Was the area cleaned recently? Are there more spiders outside? Is there clutter out there (perhaps some tools, or firewood)?


After you've scouted, it's time to remove the spider. The easiest way to do this is to trap it gently with a glass, then slide a bit of card under the glass to capture it. You can release it into the wild at this point.

Now, the best thing to do is to de-clutter the area, and to clean it up completely and thoroughly. This will eliminate not only the traces of the spider there, but also any eggs it may have left. Furthermore, it will also remove the spider's food source, namely other insects. It's also a good idea to go through the rest of your house as well, and make sure to clean and unclutter any other areas which look similarly inviting.


One of the best professional insect hunters of all time is the cat. If you were thinking of getting a cat, now's your chance. They make short work of spiders and many other kinds of creepy crawlies.


Spiders are resilient creatures, and generally don't mind strong smells or similar, which means that prevention must be more active. Check around your windows and doors for any crack the spider could concievably have come through, and seal these off. Also look for areas where a spider could spin webs outside, such as close to external lights and lamps. Make sure there are no ways to get indoors from there. Installing door and window sweeps is a good way to keep spiders and other undesirable insects out.

Clean regularily and thoroughly, specifically focusing on hoovering corners and dark places, such as those in cupboards and closets. Spiders prefer quiet, cluttered spaces. If you change the environment of your house to exclude spaces like this, they'll be less likely to settle there.


I prefer to avoid pesticides and other strong, potentially dangerous, chemicals wherever possible. I believe they often do more harm than good, and that they're usually unsuited for use in the household. That said, if you have a spider infestation, and have no other means to control it, you might want to think about using some of these - outside the house, at least. If you do so, always make sure to follow the directions to the letter, and be aware that these potentially toxic concoctions are usually best used by a professional.


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