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How to Get Rid of Ants

Updated on February 9, 2014

Tired of drawing a line using chalk in your house to simply get rid of the marching swarm of ants? If YES, then it’s time for you to become the exterminator at your own house without even spending much money for hiring an expert exterminator or buy the most effective chemicals to kill this pest.

Having ants as part of our environment has its own advantage to maintain the environmental homeostasis, but they can also be one of the most nuisance pests around your house and we don’t want them biting us and keep on pestering our surroundings. This is the reason why all of us keep on spending lots of money on buying ant control products or calling our friendly neighbour The Exterminator to do the rest of the dirty job. But you don’t have to waste more money anymore when you can exterminate them yourself! Here are the few Natural Ways on how to get rid of this pesky brigade of ants:

Below we are going to show you the products that work, why you should focus on killing the Queen, and give you a ton of different options when it comes to killing ants.

1. Kill the Queen

In exterminating any pests, you must find the source—and that is to locate the leader of the swarm, the queen. Of course, the queen produces the large number of ants and you can find them in their nest where she and her ant helpers take care of the eggs. The truth is that unless you kill the queen the ants will continue to reappear and you will just keep killing the worker ants without dealing with the root of the issue "THE QUEEN", she must die. Once you get rid of the queen everything falls apart and the ants disperse.

§ Ant Gel Bait: This is a newer product but is amazing, basically the ants eat the poison and take it to the queen, and then they all die. I will leave a link on amazon for the best place to purchase the ant gel bait. I have used the ant gel baits at home and work and they do an amazing job. I highly recommend this product.

2. Keep your buffet away from the ants

This is the reason why ants love to swarm around your humble dwelling. Any food mess can attract the ants and can charge their way there. Therefore, wipe all the mess that stuck up on tables, counter tops and kitchen with disinfectant bleach, I prefer the Clorox Bleach wipes, or a solution from vinegar.

If there is no food supply for the ants then most of the time they are going to go somewhere else. While this is not always true, it does make a huge difference. Make sure soda stains and food stains have been cleaned. The stove and other kitchen surfaces need to be spotless especially if you have ants are in the process of trying to get rid of them. Pay extra close attention to the kitchen area.

3. Annihilate the nest

It’s not only the queen that you have to get rid of; you have to also destroy their colonies for them not to continue in raiding your house. You can pour boiling water or mixing a home-made ant repellent.

4. Arm yourself with some home-made ant repellents

Here are some home-made ant repellent recipes for you to get rid of the pest:

§ Peppermint and Tabasco Spray

Mix these following ingredients in a bottle spray: 10 ½ ounces of water, 3 ounces of Tabasco should do the trick, and 2 1/2 ounces peppermint liquid soap

§ Herbal Teas Spray

Peppermint, Catmint, Tansy and Sage are herbal plants that can be of use as ant repellents. Just take some cut parts of these plants and combine it and wrap it up in a cloth. Boil this preparation in a 1 quart of water for 5 to 8 minutes while stirring. Take off the heat and allow cooling. Strain the mixture and add 1 teaspoon of Castile soap and then use as a direct spray. If you don’t have a Castile, substitute 1 teaspoon of coconut oil soap.

§ Pyrethrum mixed spray

Pyrethrum belongs to the family of chrysanthemum, a kind of ornamental flower. You can buy a pyrethrum powder in any store because it is commonly used as an insecticide in powdered form. In making this spray, mixed about 16 ounces of pyrethrum with 1 tablespoon of isopropyl alcohol. Drench directly into the active nest.


5. Barricade your home

Since ants are puny creatures, they can still find ways where to scavenge around your abode. Some are easy to find and some are not until you see a parade of ants and tracing their whereabouts.

If you’re the type who still use the traditional way of getting rid of ants, you can resort by making barricades along the corners of your home. Here is a list of natural barricades that can help you clear your house from an infestation:

§         Cornmeal – Ants eat this, and when consumed with water, the cornmeal swells in their digestive organs and poof! – killing them.

§         Salt- Spread this along the corners of your windows, doors and hallways. Works fine as well.

§         Dried cloves, peppermint oil, cinnamon, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and bay leaves- The scent of these natural herbs are irritants for the ants for the reason that they don’t simply like the smell of these.

            If still none of these works for you, these are your last resorts:

§         “Deep Reach” Fumigator (a.k.a Fogger)- This can almost exterminate ants for 6 to 8 months. But the disadvantage is when using this you have to get out of your place you fumigate for few hours to few days depending on the manufacturer’s instructions.

§         Boric Acid – This is a mixture of 1 cup of sugar, 4 teaspoons of boric acid and 24 ounces of water in a glass screw top jar. After setting up all the mixture, shake thoroughly making sure that no crystals are seen. Apply these on the cracks where ants are mostly parading or near their nest. This can kill ants in a matter of few weeks with proper mixture and ALWAYS REMEMBER TO KEEP THIS AWAY FROM CHILDREN!

                        To achieve desired results, keep repeating the following suggestive ways on handling the riddance of ants since these creatures are known for being a “hard-to-get” pest. And also a warning to avoid the most notorious kind of ant—the fire ant, since it is known for giving us a painful bite and should you need an expert for careful removal.

Video: How to Get Rid of Ants

Here is a video with some interesting ways to get rid of ants.

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Tell us what works for you

I would love for you to post in the comments and let us know what works for you. If you have had luck getting rid of ants inside or outside then let us know your secret. I have listed what I use, and options I have found via research on how to kill ants, but I know that there are a hundred ways to skin a cat and love to see the wide variety of ways people use that I might have never thought of. One of the reason we serious about killing the ants is because out oldest child has an allergy to ants and its not a pretty site when she gets bit, so we would love input that could help us further our arsenal of ant killing tactics.


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    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 3 years ago from America

      I put everything in jars keep no open containers and don't leave food on the counters at night. We still get ants at times. Having ants has nothing to do with your house being clean. The cleanest house can still get ants. When ants are in the bathroom and not in the kitchen it's water they're looking for. They come through in the smallest cracks and it's hard to keep them out. You have some good ideas for getting rid of them. Voted up.

    • abigail33 profile image

      Abigail 3 years ago from Dallas, TX

      I would recommend using an ant gel bait, we have had great success with using it around my work.

    • hanwillingham profile image

      hanwillingham 6 years ago

      Great article. Thanks for the useful ideas here.

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 7 years ago from US

      We always make sure we have no food out but ants come in for water when there is no rain, which there hasn't been much of in months. My daughter-in-law and I both have had a time with them this year! Someone lately told my husband equal sweetener will kill them out and I am seeing less of them the few days I have been using it. I tried Boric Acid,(dry though) but just scattered behind things since I know it is dangerous to pet and people with no results. Sure hope this equal is gonna work though. I'll come back for some of your suggestions if it doesn't. Polly

    • jeanie.stecher profile image

      jeanie.stecher 7 years ago from Seattle

      The best thing to do is to make your place clean. That is the best thing to do.