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How to Get Through High School

Updated on October 2, 2017
Holly Smoother profile image

Holly is a high school student with experience in writing and editing. She loves to read and write her own stories.

A classic high school.

How to Get Through High School

High school can be a cruel and unforgiving place, but that doesn't mean it's not easy to get through. With the right technique and advice, you can breeze through high school.

What you'll need:

* A positive attitude - being upset or miserable about school makes it harder. Instead, try having a good attitude towards school.

* Loyal friends - no one wants to be friendless at school, or worse: stabbed in the back by someone you thought was your friend! Try making good friends who will stick by your side forever.

* A strong relationship with your teachers. No, I don't mean that type of relationship, of course. Try getting in their good books.

Now for the important part: how to actually survive.

1. Make friends with a lot of people. Never think less of a person if they're not popular. These people tend to be easier to talk to. Avoid people who bully or tease others. Develop friendships with both genders if possible.

2. If you are being bullied, get help as soon as possible. If the bullying turns physical, try not to fight back. You want to avoid getting suspended or expelled.

3. Do your homework. Make time for work after school or at night. Even try to do work on the bus. Do not procrastinate. If you are sick, ask a friend to get your homework from the teacher for you.

4. Study, study, study. Tests and quizzes make up a lot of your grade, so learning the curriculum doesn't hurt. Be attentive, take detailed notes and create an outline of what you have to know for an upcoming exam.

5. Always be on time for class. Teachers love students who are on time and will keep them in their good books. If you get to choose seats, try and get one near the front. Students who sit near the front tend to focus more. Staying focused will help keep your grades up.

6. Be organised. Buy a binder and make notes of what you're going to study and when. Don't forget to add fun outings, breaks and after-school events. Do not forget to bring your binder to each class so you can add more information if needed.

7. Be active, and show school spirit. Attend pep rallies, sporting events, dances and home games. Showing school spirit helps build a sense of community, as well as helping you find friends.

8. Find a job. Having a little extra money to spend on school or other things is always a helpful thing. Try looking online or asking around at your favourite stores.

9. Be healthy. Eat fruits and vegetables regularly. Join a sporting club. You will get a good workout as well as making you feel more involved. Exercise has been proven to keep you in a good state of mind as well.

10. Look your best. Showering every day and using deodorant is always a good start. Be original in what you wear, don't just wear what the popular kids are wearing. Don't wear anything inappropriate or revealing. If you don't free dress at school, make sure your uniform is clean and ironed with no creases.

11. If someone thinks badly of you, ignore it. It's better to move on than stay stuck in the past.

Surviving high school is easier than it sounds, and with the right people and the right attitude, you too can survive high school.

© 2017 Holly Smoother


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