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How to Get Your Teacher to Like You

Updated on August 27, 2016
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Jule Romans has been writing articles and academic papers since the early 1990s. She teaches English at a small rural high school.


Want your teacher to like you?

Teachers are easy to please, once you know a few basic strategies.

You might be surprised to know that almost every teacher already likes students. It only takes a tiny bit of effort to let that positive energy come out in the classroom. Teachers are people, just like everyone else. Like everyone else, they appreciate being treated with politeness and respect.

Most teachers simply want their students to learn and succeed. Therefore, the best way to get your teacher to like you is to become the best student you can be. It's much, much easier than you might think.

How to Get Your Teacher to Like You

Here's how to get your teacher to like you-- in easy steps that you can start doing right away. Twelve of these are explained in great detail. In between those detailed steps are other tips and tricks mentioned without a lot of detail.

Just pick one or two that seem easy to do. Try them tomorrow. See how it goes. Keep using those same two for a few days in a row, until you become comfortable with them.

After you've gained a bit of confidence, try a couple more tips from the list. Keep those up until they become second nature. Then, add a couple more. Before you know it, your teacher will like you, and your classes will be enjoyable.

How to Get Your Teacher to Like You

Keep in mind that all these tips add up to three simple strategies:

  • You can get your teacher to like you when you come to class prepared every day. This includes preparing your mind as well as your homework and supplies. It also means being on time to class daily.
  • You can get your teacher to like you when you pay attention. This includes developing proper note-taking skills, practicing listening correctly, asking good questions, and refraining from side conversations.
  • You can get your teacher to like you when you follow directions. This includes reading all assignments carefully, completing them to the best of your ability, and revising as needed. It also concentrating on test and quiz questions to be sure you are understanding what the teacher is asking.

Get Your Teacher To Like You By Being a Good Student

You might notice that many of these tips relate more to good learning habits. That is no accident. Most teachers simply want students to come to class prepared to learn. They want their students to put effort into the learning process. Much of the time, that is all it takes.

Just be the best student you can be. That is what will get your teacher teacher like you. There's a hidden bonus to that, you know. In the process, you might find your grades improving as well.

Don't get discouraged if these tips take a little time. Some teachers are harder to crack than others. But I guarantee you, if you implement these tips, even the toughest teacher will be impressed.

How do I know? I AM one of those tough teachers, and these tricks always work on me!


How to Get Your Teacher To Like You

1. Arrive in class early-- use the extra time to get organized.

Always plan to arrive in class at least a couple of minutes BEFORE class starts. Teachers like students who are punctual.

2. Attend class every day.

This may sound too simple, but it really is true. It's tough to get a teacher to like you if you aren't in class very often. Most schools have attendance policies. If your school doesn't have a strict policy, you'll have to discipline yourself to take this step.

Good attendance is the key to good grades and good communication with your teachers. Try never to miss more than 5 days in a semester. You'd be surprised how much of an impact this simple step can make. Teachers (and your future employers) value attendance almost as much as achievement. So, show up every day.


Quick Tips

  • Don't give up on difficult problems.

  • Make an effort, even when you are unsure.

How to Get Your Teacher to Like You

3. Bring your own supplies with you to class.

Plan ahead, and bring what you need. Whether it's pens, pencils, a ruler, compass, calculator or textbook, bring what you need. Don't rely on the teacher to provide everything for you. Bringing your own supplies shows responsibility and maturity. Teachers like to see that.

If you can't afford to buy something, wait till an appropriate time, then ask your teacher how you might be able to solve the problem. Teachers often have extra items that they are happy to loan.

4. Prepare for every class session.

If your teacher gives out the plans in advance of class, review them daily. Look ahead to see what is coming. Start thinking about how you can study or prepare your next assignments. Your teacher will be impressed when you show that you are ready to learn.

5. Stay organized.

Once you are inside the classroom, spend time preparing for class. Take out your notebook and supplies, organize pens and pencils, and put away all unnecessary items.

If you spend just a couple minutes each day getting organized, your teacher will notice. Teachers appreciate it when students take time to keep their class materials in order.


Quick Tip:

Remain quiet when you finish classwork before the other students.

How to Get Your Teacher To Like You

6. Walk in the door with your assignments completely finished.

Teachers LOVE this. Trust me. If a paper or assignment is due, prepare it completely the night before so that all you have to do during class is locate it and turn it in. This includes such picky little details as stapling multiple pages together, writing your name at the top of the assignment, and putting every section in the correct order. Check everything twice. Do this with every assignment. It will become crystal clear to your teacher that you are prepared and organized.

These sorts of tasks may take a few extra minutes at home, but they will pay huge dividends when you get to class. Those extra minutes you take at home will allow you to turn in your assignment with a smile instead of a distracted scramble. Not only that, you will stand out from the crowd of chaotic students who aren't completely prepared. The other students will be scrambling and asking the teacher for assistance with mundane tasks, while you sit calmly ready for the day's work. Even if your teacher doesn't comment on this aloud, your preparation will be noticed.


Quick Tip:

Say something pleasant as you leave at the end of class each day.

7. Greet your teacher with a smile when you arrive.

When you enter class, take a moment to make eye contact with your teacher. Smile. Say something simple like "Hello" or "Good Morning." Don't try to have a long conversation at the start of class, just show a quick smile and go to your place. This is one of those tricks that you'll have to do for several days in a row to really get it to work. Sooner or later, consciously or unconsciously, your teacher will notice your daily greeting. Don't worry, though, it'll also work if you do it every once in a while.

Remember to use this trick on even on days when you aren't feeling your best. No matter what your mood is throughout the day, take just a moment or two to start the class off on the right note. Smile anyway, even if you don't feel like it. This trick works really well if you have a particular teacher who is very difficult to please. Greet that teacher with a smile every day for ten days, and watch the change in attitude that results.

8. Always show a positive attitude inside the classroom.

It's perfectly okay to have a bad day now and then. It's fine to be frustrated. It's even okay to hate a particular subject. Just don't express that in the middle of class. Wait until you are out of class and away from the teacher to vent your feelings or state negative opinions. Teachers like students who are kind and polite.


Quick Tips:

Complete your homework with attention to detail

Read the directions for all assignments, and do your best to follow them

9. Demonstrate respect for the subject and lesson.

There may be lessons that you think are pointless and stupid. Keep in mind that it's the teacher who created that lesson. When you say unkind or rude things about a class or subject, some teachers may take offense. You may be criticizing something that took that teacher a great deal of time and effort to plan.

You don't have to lie or pretend. Just reserve your opinions for later. Wait till the right time and place to give a critique. Your teacher will like you better when you show that you value the process of education.

10. Pick up after yourself

This is an incredibly easy way to get your teacher to like you. It is very often overlooked. You may not realize it, but after you leave class, it becomes very obvious if you leave a mess. The teacher can see your desk, and what you left behind. Teachers like students who take an extra moment to make sure their area is clean.

If you have time, it doesn't hurt to help pick up a little extra trash as well. This is a sure way to win your teacher's approval and appreciation. Teachers are the ones who must clean up the room between classes. Students who help make that job a bit easier are rare. Your teacher will be grateful. Trust me. I know.


Quick Tips:

  • Avoid giving excuses. Say "I'll try to do better next time" instead.

  • Make relevant comments and ask on-topic questions.

How to Get Your Teacher to Like You

11. Ask for help when you need it.

Teachers really do want to help students understand the class material. Instead of staying frustrated or confused, ask for help directly. Don't assume your teacher knows that you aren't comprehending. Try not to make irritated comments or noises. Be clear. Ask "Can you help me understand this?" instead of saying "I don't get it!" or "This is stupid." Those types of comments rarely leave room for a teacher to help you. When you ask for help directly, it puts things on a much more positive and constructive path.

12. Be polite to other students.

You might not be aware of this, but teachers can hear almost everything that happens in the classroom. When you make unkind or rude remarks, the teacher notices the negative attitude. If you demonstrate respect and courtesy to others, your teacher will notice that, too. If you REALLY want your teacher to like you, take special care to treat all your classmates with courtesy, especially the classmates that other students find irritating. Your teacher will notice your mature behavior and like you better because of it.


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  • favored profile image

    Fay Favored 2 years ago from USA

    All things that I admire in a student. One of the things I like most is when they feel comfortable enough to be themselves. That's when the real teaching begins.

  • DaisysJourney profile image

    DaisysJourney 3 years ago from Midwest, USA

    Great list! I love 7 and 9. I would add 7B (when the teacher smiles and greets you, respond! rather than ignore her!)

    I wish this could be made into a poster....:)

  • DaisysJourney profile image

    DaisysJourney 3 years ago from Midwest, USA

    I just read the title and thought "seriously, supply me with a caramel macchiatio in the mornings and we're golden, Ponyboy."

    Now to read the article.