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How to Get a Restraining Order Lifted

Updated on June 29, 2012

Domestic disputes, assault and battery charges and harassment are some of the most common reasons why people choose to get restraining orders against another individual. If you have been accused of any of these things are looking for help in lifting your restraining order, there are options available for you.

The first thing you need to do is analyze the specific details of your restraining order. Oftentimes they are not permanent will cease to be legally valid after a certain period of time. Getting a restraining order lifted can often take a considerable amount of time and resources. If the time left on your restraining order is not long then the best option may be to simply wait it out.

If you have checked the specifics of your restraining order and have determined that you do want to attempt to get it lifted, the first thing you need to do is strictly obey the order for a while. Petitioning for the lift of your restraining order quickly after it is issued is not a smart idea as you have not yet proven that the order is not justified. Take some time to follow the order correctly. This will prove to the individual who got the order against you and the judge who will eventually see your case that you can act responsibly. This is especially important in cases where the restraining order was issued due to assault and battery or other violent charges.

Once you have done this for some time and have proven that you can act responsibly and follow the order, your next move should be to contact an attorney who can help you with your situation. Look for legal council that has experience in dealing with your current problem. They will know the specifics of your restraining order after reviewing it and will make the best possible judgments as to what to do moving forward. There may even be information contained within your restraining order that prevents you from petitioning to get it lifted. Not knowing this and attempting a petition could land you in even more trouble than before. It is because of complications like this that it is vital to have legal help.

Some people attempt to petition the court and get their restraining order lifted on their own. The problem with this strategy is that petitions of this nature are often not taken seriously without the presence of professional legal help. Even if you are sound in your arguments, responsible and falsely accused of your charges it would most likely not help you. Legal council is a must have in these types of situations.

Even if your restraining order was issued because of assault and battery or domestic violence charges, your restraining order could still possibly be lifted if you approach the situation correctly. Success in these types of cases usually comes down to your level of cooperation, ability to follow directions and your choice to find the best legal help for your petition attempt.


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    • profile image

      Lisa Lee 2 years ago

      I want to lift the restraining order that I have against someone I used to date but not sure exactly what I should say when I go to court we have mutual friends and whenever I'm around he has to leave because he's in fear of going to jail because of the restraining order I would like to lift it I'm no longer worried about the past and just move on with my life and let him live his life

    • profile image

      angela fitzsimmons 3 years ago

      Me and my husband have a restraining order on us and kids by the courts were being lied on how do I get it removed from all of us please help I moss my kds so much

    • profile image

      tamara patterson 3 years ago

      My boyfriend and I have a restraining order put in by the courts and I want to have it taken off what should I do or what's nesssicarry to have it removed he keeps going ti jail because we love each other and want to be together but if me loving him is getting hin locked up I will keave him alone so he don't get locked up its just nit fare hes a good guy and uts hurting us this order I mean .please do you have any suggetions for us ..thanks tamara

    • profile image

      Bruce leroy 3 years ago

      my girl friend wants to drop a civil restraining order but her legal aid lawyer is not cooperating