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How to Get into Mensa

Updated on November 9, 2015

Mensa World Gathering

Mensa IQ Society
Mensa IQ Society | Source


Mensa is a high IQ organization. Anyone can join it that has an IQ that is at or over the requirement that they state for it. The exact IQ varies according to the test. You can find out the different test requirements by going to the Mensa testing website. The high IQ that will let you in to join it is from 130-140 approximately. It does not mean that you are at the genius level to be able to join. It just would mean that you do have a very high IQ. Many people that are in the organization are at the genius level. The genius level usually starts at about 160. The average IQ for people is 100.

About one in 50 people can qualify for being in Mensa. It is quite a lot of people if you think about it. It is 2% of the population that will qualify for being in it.

People can have a high genius level in different things. This would be measuring intelligence on the tests that are approved by Mensa to gain entry to their club. The tests have different sections. They can measure word knowledge, language, problem solving and numbers.

Once you do have a test that qualifies, you can apply and you will gain entry to Mensa. Your test just will need to be looked at to ascertain that it is all correct. Mensa does have its own testing that you can take for a fee. You can take the trial test first to see if it is probable that you will pass the test. It is easier for you if you can produce your own test.

Most people that are creative such as artists are supposed to have an IQ of about 130. If the IQ goes up to 160 the chances are supposed to go down for you being creative also I have read.

I finally found I had a test I had taken in grade school that met the requirement. I had not even realized it was there. We were not told the results so that the kids would not get too conceited.

There are other high IQ societies besides Mensa. They can have higher IQ requirements to join them from what I have seen. Most people would not be able to get into them. Mensa would seem to be the most famous high IQ organization. It has offices all over the world.

IQ Bell Curve


Being in Mensa

Once you have a test that lets you join Mensa you can join. It does cost a membership fee to keep up your membership. It is a small fee. Then you will get the newsletter and a card that states that you are a member. You can then look at the guide and decide what events you would like to go to. You are not required to go to any. It is all up to you. You can also list your own events if you would like to do something with Mensa yourself. There are all different kinds of things you can do. The newsletters vary by city.

Also you can look up the Mensa in your city online and usually there is a website that you can look at for the events. You do get a membership number on your bulletin that you may need to gain entry. They have different group meetings at restaurants and even at bars. There are different groups that can have different suggested titles. It is open to anyone to go to it once it is listed usually. Some people have events and parties at their homes. They do sometimes charge admission, or it might be a potluck. Sometimes they go to movies together. You can bring a guest to parties and such. There are also events they have in different cities that everyone in Mensa can go to.

There is also an online dating group for Mensans. You just need to join it. You can put your own website on the Mensa site in some cities. You can in Los Angeles.

You get a few discounts as a member such as on glasses. You get to buy different merchandise that has the Mensa logo on it then, etc.

Mensa IQ Testing

Celebrity Mensa Members

Geena Davis
Geena Davis | Source
Marcia Cross - Desperate Housewives
Marcia Cross - Desperate Housewives | Source
Jayne Mansfield reported to have 170 IQ
Jayne Mansfield reported to have 170 IQ | Source
Steve Martin
Steve Martin | Source

IQs of Famous People

The Downside of Mensa

Anyone can join it that has the right IQ. Just because someone has that type of IQ does not mean that they are a nice person. There was a serial killer, Ted Bundy that had a very high IQ some say it was 140. He was not in Mensa though I don't think. There are also a couple of other serial killers with high IQs.

Some people see people that are in Mensa as being very strange. They don't know how someone could pass the test and they don't trust them. It is an opposite sort of prejudice. I have had someone tell me not to talk to them. People don't trust them because they are different.

One of the Mensa members in Los Angeles did get in quite a bit of trouble with the higher ups for telling on things to the media about Mensa. It was not really anything bad, but he was giving out information. It was making Mensa look a bit odd to people. People in Mensa are people also and they just like to have fun. It could be a little strange to see what is going on there. I have seen the Los Angeles members some of them on the site. Some are film directors and others in the business, etc.They can be from shady occupations.

My boss said he no longer went to it because it was just not that much fun. I did find it hard to find things to go to on it. My boss did not mind me having put it down because he was in Mensa also, but some people might resent it. If you put it down on a resume, it can look as if you are trying to brag. It can also look as if you are trying to make up for something if you are a woman. There are really quite a few people that could join and they don't. There are many very high IQ people in New York City for instance. They don't always go to Mensa.

This is not meant to be putting down Mensa. I still like being eligible for it. I am sorry I could not have gone to more events. I started it later.

Mensa Membership

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    • Zubair Ahmed profile image

      Zubair Ahmed 3 years ago

      Nice hub, thank you for sharing. I once considered joining Mensa but now don't really see any value in it.

      Being clever and having a high IQ does not necessarily = high pay or more wealth or peace and happiness in life.

      Which is why I prefer to donate the fee I would pay mensa to be a member to charity. But that's me :-)

      Good hub voted up and thanks

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