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How to Get the Most Scholarship Offers from Northern New Jersey Catholic High Schools

Updated on April 3, 2011


Many people don’t know that their son or daughter could qualify for a scholarship to Catholic High Schools in Northern New Jersey. Depending on the school, you could be writing a tuition check that is significantly reduced or not at all. Many schools award scholarships that cover twenty-five percent, fifty percent or one hundred percent of tuition! Your child can benefit from a private school education even in these trying economic times.

How can your child qualify? Follow these tips:

Have your child take the Catholic High School Cooperative Exam in the fall of their eighth grade year. The Co-Op, as it is nicknamed measures scholastic aptitude in verbal and non-verbal abilities and reading, math and language arts achievement. Prepare to list three high school choices.  

Attend the open houses of the Northern New Jersey Catholic Schools. Review their scholarship information and requirements. Pay special attention to where the school needs to be listed on the Co-Op exam. Some require it to be listed in the number one slot in order for your child to be considered for a full scholarship. Your child could still be considered for a scholarship if the school is listed in the number two or three position, but most likely it will be a partial scholarship at 25% or 50%.

Make sure that the Grade Six and Seven final grades are exemplary. The first marking period grades from eighth grade are also used for determinations. So no slacking off!

Some other points to consider are:

Not all Northern New Jersey Catholic High Schools use the Co-Op to award scholarships. Some use their own test. Be sure to make note of those schools. You may not want to list them in the top three schools on Co-Op Exam day if another school gives their scholarships based on their own test. Your goal is to receive as many scholarship options as possible. That will give the child the opportunity to choose the school that fits their needs and the financial constraints of the family.

In late January, your child will receive notification of acceptance and whether a scholarship is awarded. You will also be notified as to whether subject placement tests are necessary. A decision will need to be made by early February for registration day. Pick the school that is right for your child and you. Don’t forget to thank the schools that made scholarship offers that your child has chosen not to accept. This way they can offer a wait-listed student the opportunity to join the incoming class. Good luck!


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