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Striking a Balance Between Law School and Work

Updated on November 1, 2012

Law school and work often don't go well together but some people manage to juggle the two pretty well and came out victorious. Having a normal life can still be possible when you are trying to finish a law degree while trying not to get fired.

Truth is, studying law while working full time is not an easy feat. The life of a working law student is teemed with challenges and it is not for those with weak heart. One needs to hone time management skills really well and have to have a strategy to keep things in order. Most of the time, it is a battle between studying and your will. There will always be times that it seems one needs to wage a daily battle to fight off sleep and exhaustion or face the risk of a failing grade in the oral recitations. You simply can't have both.

A working law student's life would become much easier when --

Studying will be a lot easier when one has the support and the right resources to prod on.

1. For one, count yourself lucky if you have a really understanding boss who would allow you to get off work earlier or approves your leave when you need to study for the finals.

2. Family plays a good support role when they understand that the weekend trip is cancelled just so you can finish your mounting case load.

3. Having technological and communication gadgets, internet connection (e.i. laptop, or tablet, desk top) at your disposal when you don't have time to go to the law school library.

4. It would be better If you have your own transportation to whisk yourself away from work to school or vice-versa during afternoon and evening rush hour.

5. When you have a professors who understand that unlike full time law students, you don't have the brain to remember all the details of a case.

For a working person who is also in law school, sleep becomes a luxury. Getting an 8-hour sleep as recommended by experts is the exception rather than the rule. Worst, you might have to accept that it only comes once in a blue moon.

When deadlines at work coincide with heavy case loads at school and vice-versa it is actually mayhem. Nevertheless, the fulfillment that you will get knowing that all your sacrifices will bear fruit in the end makes it all worthwhile.

There are days when you wish that the earth would simply open up especially when you have not read reasonably the assignments for the day. There would be days when you feel like pulling out all your hair when you think that the case assignments are far beyond what your human eyes can digest in a day.

Balancing Act on a Wire

Time is one thing you don't have much of when you are in law school. When this situation is compounded by a full time job, you have the feeling as if time is squeezing from an almost empty toothpaste tube, there is simply not enough time to do everything.

To make life bearable, whatever extra time you have should be managed wisely and well-spent over sleep and study and other everyday chores rather than wasted on non-productive activities.

You have to get used to acting fast, eating fast, taking a bath under 5 minutes, driving fast when you are off to school to save on that precious time and still get to glance on your notes before the class starts.

Forget about watching television for more than 10 minutes. You cannot afford that.

Even exercising has to take a back seat since your aim is to conserve as much energy as you can rather than expend it.

Eating healthy is good to compensate for the sleepless nights and other abuses the body goes through.

Coffee becomes your best friend but even that can't save you from falling asleep when its effect no longer affect you.

Healthy relationships help but if your significant other does not understand that you cannot go out on regular date nights every weekend, then love has to take a backseat.


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