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How to Lead A Happy Life

Updated on July 12, 2009

How to Lead A Happy Life?

Whoops! How to Lead A Happy Life? That's a big topic. How can we figure it out in just one page? Of course we can.If you don’t feel happy every day, then you’d better read on.

Lead A Happy Life Now!
Lead A Happy Life Now!

What is just in the way to your happy life?

  • Short of Money
  • Feeling lonely
  • Have Bad Relationships with the one you Love
  • Lead an Aimless life
  • Lack of Confidence

What is A Happy Life?

Most of us are struggling every single day for a happy life in the future.If you have the same idea, I am telling you, you are wrong! You can lead a happy life today!

Don't believe in God? Check this out.

God is Love
God is Love

What God like us to Do?

  • To Love
  • To Forgive
  • To Help Others
  • To Make the Life Meaningful

First Thing First

Do You Believe in God? For most of the time, you would say YES. However, most of you are not qualified. If you do believe in God, God will be around you all the time, blessing you. You won’t get any trouble leading a happy life.

Keep God in Your Deep Mind.

God is watching you all the time. When you get in trouble, you should learn that it was just God’s gift for us to become stronger after getting it thru.If you don’t fullfil your dream after great effort and suffer, it means God placed more test before you.You still have to go a little further.God likes diligent people.Read Bible every day to learn what God tells us to do.

Find Your Own Interests
Find Your Own Interests

Find Out Your Own Interests

 Interest is the Best Teacher.

If we have an interest, we’ll probably dig into it from time to time, maybe become an expert on it.If you don’t find anything that interest you yet, I will show you some options.

My Interest

I have many interests:

  • Read Books

Books Worth Reading Ever

How To Read Books Anytime Anywhere?

  • Watch Movies/TV Series

Best Movies Ever Existed

Check IMDB(Internet Movie Data Base) to See the Best Scored Movies/TV Series

  • Play Video Games

  1. Plants VS Zombies Strategy

  2. My Favorite Casual Games

  • Watch Live NBA/Football Games.

Buy Tickets for Good Price & Seat here

  • Roller Skating

Taking some exercise can build up a nice fit.Check this out.

How to Keep Fit the Natural Way

  • Listen to the Music to see the hottest song.

Get an ipod to enjoy music anytime anywhere.

  • Online Socializing

Write Useful Hubs applying my expertise to make friends with whoever shares the same interest.

  1. How to Make Money Online for beginner

  2. Advanced SEO Strategies

  3. Pay Per Click Advanced Strategies

  • Shopping Online

Surfing some of my favorite shopping sites

  • I like cars too.

For being a man, who don’t like cars? I am now learning how to modify my cars, altho I don’t have much time to spare.

How I Got A Nice Affordable Dream Car


  • … …

Let's Lead a happy life from now on!
Let's Lead a happy life from now on!

Let’s Start A Happy Life From Now On!

First, Solve the problems that bothered us.

  • Short of Money

  1. How To Get A Fast Loan

  2. Totally Free Loan

  3. How to Make Money Online for beginner

  4. How To Find an Ideal Career

  5. Financial Freedom Way

  6. Stock Investing 101

  • Feeling Lonely

Find Your Another Half

  1. Sugardaddie

  2. FriendFinder-Network

  3. Scanna

  4. Anastasia

Socializing Online By Posting Hubs.

Open a free blog account to unveal your problems.

  • Have Bad Relationships with the one you Love/Loved

Is there any chance to save your marriage?

This is a serious problem,while it’s not hard to make a choice.

Do You Still Love Her/Him?

It means if what you’ve got from her/him is nothing but pain,sorrow, and you just want to erase him/her completely from your life, your memory, hope your awful marriage shouldn’t have started, you really need to think about getting divorced.

Worry about the Alimony, the Child Custody?

Get the Alimony You Deserve

  • Lead an Aimless life

1. What is Your Dream?

2. Make Plans for a feasible way to make your dream come true, Step By Step, as Specific as You can, even if it could take 50 years long.

3. Stick to Your Specific Plan every day.

4. Post your progress on your hub or blog, get encouragement from other people.

  • Lack of Confidence

As I know, 3 out of ten people lack confidence. Why? Because they only see their shortcomings ignoring their advantages.

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    • wARtist profile image

      wARtist 8 years ago from China

      Live optimistically and positively, have a happy time every day