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How to Learn Tourist German Quickly

Updated on April 30, 2011

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German Language Learning Video Aide

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5 Tips for Learning German Fast

Learning a new language is challenging for the majority of people, but there are ways to make the process easier. Many tips and tricks exist to becoming more fluent in a language quickly, and using these following tips can definitely help you to learn German quickly. Whether you are looking to master tourist German, or go all the way to complete fluency, these tips will help you get to your German speaking goals faster.

  1. Practice full language immersion if possible. Nothing beats this as a language learning tip. This might be hard, but use the Internet and local colleges: if you can surround yourself with German music, German TV and movies, and listen to German being spoken by individuals constantly then you will pick up on the language much more quickly.
  2. Practice with native speakers. Learning German goes more quickly if you can talk to native students. Put up fliers at local colleges or universities to get great practice speaking German and helping out an exchange student at the same time!
  3. Kid's programming like Seasme Street . Think about kids' shows like Sesame Street . These kids' shows are supposed to teach children numbers, letters, the basic language so why wouldn't they work for you? It's amazing what you can find online.
  4. Study German for 30-45 minutes after a vigorous workout listening to music. This sounds odd, but studies on brain activity are conclusive: after an intense workout while listening to music, the brain is ultra active for just under an hour after the fact and your memory will be far more geared for long term and permanent memorization. In other words, it's the perfect time to study German to learn it fast.
  5. Learn phrases you're likely to learn frequently. While you do need to learn the basics, make sure to learn phrases you're going to use. Do you really need to know ten different names for trees? What about ordering a beer, though? Are you going to pay more attention to a lesson on animals at a petting zoo, or on a lesson about flirting? Make the lessons useful and interesting and you will do much better.

Other German Learning Aides

If you can't afford the top notch language program's like Rocket Language Learning or Rosetta Stone, then the good news is that you still have some other options. While these other options won't be as effective for most people, they can still work. One way to go is to look for an "Instant Immersion German" program. This language software program isn't as advanced or well designed as the earlier mentioned ones, but they use visual and audio in a way that is much better than just audio or just a language book. This at least gives you a decent starting point. often has major sales on this software that you can take advantage of. Another direction is to use German Language Guides that include audio CDs.  These are at least decent beginning options that can get you started on the right path to learning conversational tourist German fast.

Learn Basic German Conversation Video

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