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How to Learn Tourist Italian

Updated on May 7, 2011

Rosetta Stone Italian Language Learning Software

One of the most popular and most well known language learning software programs is the Rosetta Stone, and the Rosetta Stone Italian Course has the same reputation as the many others under this brand. Language learning software like this is the most expensive choice, but many people like it because of the combination of audio sounds, visual sight of the word, as well as visual pictures or videos of the objects being talked about, which makes the language easier to remember. Rosetta Stone is priced where it is because they are considered the premium solution to learning a new language quickly, and for people who really want to learn basic Italian quickly and don't have the option of native speakers, this could very well be the best solution. Many exchange students have also used Italian language learning programs lie this while overseas and surrounded by native speakers to help progress in learning Italian faster even while immersed in the language.  Ideally to learn Italian, or any foreign language, faster you should look at an effective teaching program while simultaneously being surrounded and immersed by the language you want to learn.

Great Basic Italian Phrases Learning Video

Video on Italian Body Parts

Basic Italian Words Video Lesson

Tips for Learning Italian Quickly

While learning a new language is always going to be challenging for many people, there are some general tips that can help out with getting you to that fluency level quickly. Some of these might seem strange, but studies have show that the body and brain work together in a wide variety of ways.

  1. Immerse yourself in the language. Nothing beats this. If you can surround yourself with Italian speakers, watch Italian TV or movies, and listen to Italian music then you are going to pick up a lot more.
  2. Practice with native speakers. Learning Italian from a college course can work, but talking with native speakers helps make sure you get the right inflections and learn to listen for dialects of Italian and not just the classroom cleansed form.
  3. Seasme Street. Think kids shows like Sesame Street. If these help Italian children learn their own language, how much quicker should you be able to pick up on what Italian Sesame Street is trying to teach you?
  4. Immediately study for 45 minutes after a vigorous workout listening to music. This sounds odd, but studies have shown that studying after a vigorous workout increases your long term memory's ability to memorize anything being studied, and that effect is amplified when you listen to music during the workout.
  5. Learn phrases you're likely to learn frequently. If you're a guy, learn to flirt in Italian. Same for the gals. Do you like beer or wine? Almost everyone knows what dos cervezas por favor means even if they've never studied Spanish at all. The more likely you are to use the phrase, the more likely you are to memorize it.
  6. Study daily.  Review, learn anew, and repeat.  Learning a language is a steady process and must be treated as such.

Other Italian Language Learning Resources

There are many resources that can help you learn Italian if programs like Rosetta Stone or Rocket Language Learning are out of your price range or comfort zone. Obviously college courses are often much more expensive, rigid, and arguably much less effective. However, not all is lost if you can't afford these. If you're in a college town, put up a flier offering payment for tutoring by a native speaker - you might get some great deals and many college students are happy to barter short tutoring sessions for home cooked meals. In addition, if you're going to learn Italian using a study guide, do not buy just a book.

You need to be able to listen to and hear the language. Find audio CDs or DVDs for you computer - some type of program that is affordable for you but speaks the language so you can actually listen and hear it, and then turn around and mimic it, as well.

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If you found this page to be interesting but Italian just isn't quite the language that you're looking to learn, then also consider taking a look at some of these other pages that might be of interest to you. Thanks for reading!

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      emonkhan74 6 years ago

      I like to learn language ,But i like to learn italian online language course.

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      Jerry G2 6 years ago from Cedar Rapids, IA

      Hi Hello Hello,

      I fell in love with Spanish in high school, but didn't realize how much I enjoyed it until a 3 week trip to Mexico. It was absolutely amazing and has guaranteed my wanderlust ever since! Thanks for the comment!

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      I love learning languages but never had the schooling or time to do it.