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How to Like School

Updated on August 8, 2011
Liking School
Liking School | Source

Liking school is major factor in doing well in school. Learn how to like school and success will be easier. Here are some ways students can learn to really like school.

Like School for the Friends You Can Make

School offers many opportunities to make friends with other students. Good friends help make life enjoyable and give you a major reason to like school. Just be careful that the friendships you make are with positive, constructive students, who behave well and take their studies seriously.

Like School for the Fun You Can Have

School offers sports and many other extracurricular activities that can be fun for students. There are good times to be had as well as personal growth opportunities in school activities. Participate in some appropriate activities and you will probably like school even more.

Like School for the Good Teachers You Have

Good teachers can be positive role models and effective mentors for students. Learn to appreciate the strengths and contributions of teachers that you have and you will have more good reasons to like school.

Like School for the Things You Can Learn

Of course, the essence of school is learning. School is a shortcut to the learning needed to do well in life. You should like school for the subjects you enjoy and excel in and the learning from other areas that may be more difficult. Learning is cumulative! Pay attention and work hard every day and you will accumulate an amazing quantity of knowledge and skills, helping you to like and appreciate school to the fullest.

Like School for the Jobs You Can Get

If you do well in K through 12 schooling, you should attend and succeed in college. A college or advanced degree is required for most good jobs. A fifth reason to like school is for the career opportunities that are available for good students.

Like School for the Money You Can Make

Education is the best investment most people can make and it is an investment in one's self. The more education a person has the higher his or her lifetime earnings are likely to be, another good reason to like school. See the Hub on "How to Justify Education as an Investment" for details on income expectations by educational attainment.

Like School for the Good Life You Can Have

With success in school you will have real opportunities to fulfill your potential through a good career and a decent income throughout your life. This means that if you like school enough, you are almost guaranteed a shot at a good life.


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    • profile image

      Annymus 6 years ago

      I dont like school because my teacher doesn't give us time to work on assignments hardly calls on me and i dont have many friends

    • profile image

      Sexydemplezss 6 years ago

      Like school because u need to learn how to be educated and be all you can be like school because u can learn something new everyday

    • Rob McKelvie profile image

      Rob McKelvie 6 years ago from USA and UK

      Alma, your point is well taken and a reality check for many. It's more than sad that families, communities and school systems allow bullying behavior or fail to correct it. Students caught in such nightmares have to do the best they can to survive and learn. I'm so sorry if that's your circumstance.

    • Alma Cabase profile image

      Alma Cabase 6 years ago from Philippines

      it's really hard to like school especially if the environment is swarmed with bullies. LOL.

      A very interesting hub.