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Awesome Exam Tips- Step 2

Updated on October 8, 2012

Testing and Revising, How to stand tall

This is the step 2 of the hub” Awesome Exam Tips”. Here we will discuss about Revising and testing your knowledge while building up confidence and finding solutions to some of the most common emotional barriers.

The psychological drawbacks

Usually, as the exam gets closer, we become nervous. We begin to question ourselves “Have I done enough?”

No matter how much we’ve done, we become negative in answering our own question.

That is the common nature of all of us. That doesn’t matter as long as it does not affect our performance, but at one stage, it does so.

The effects are weird.

Feelings of frustration, and confusion, even anger start to control us, if we tend to neglect this. And the ultimate result?

We become strangers in our own mind. Our actions are no longer self conscious, we are waiting desperately until our original self, returns to our life, and make things alright, but unfortunately that never happens.

We would be answering past paper questions, but we’d be scoring below our average. We tend to refuse the marks, because obviously we know that we are above this level, our capacity is well above this. Perhaps a mistake, we believe.

But how far are we correct?

Why we undergo this, when exams draw near?

  • We are under stress, when we are getting ready for an exam. There are many things, very specific to us that would depend on how well we perform in our exam, our after life.
  • Competition. We are exposed to a peer group, competing with us in the exam. We have already estimated our levels of skills with others and have established our own ranks, among those peers, mentally. When we see some one inferior to us (according to our point of view) perform better than us, when the exam draws near, we try to neglect that, obviously without wanting to hurt our mind.

Consequences are worst.

But some part of our mind becomes anxious over these, and without our knowledge our mind begins to question our abilities. May be its just bad luck; our mind tries to produce an explanation .Starting from there it goes as far as to determine that we’ve never been good at any of these subjects, we are never going to make it at the exam, we would have to try again for….

At this point, we lose our selves.

And our abilities start to disappear.

We become invalid. We become ‘used to be s’

And our exam? Yes we fail.

So What are the Awesome Exam Tips?

  • Believe in yourself, summon the ultimate courage that lies within you. Do not get frustrated, confused. Stay calm and focused. Remember a concentrated mind makes good decisions, and make things happen you thought you were never capable of.
  • Discuss what you are feeling with your best friends. You would discover that whatever you are feeling is common to all of you, and that the same issues are bothering them as much as you. It will ease a lot of burden off your head; you will smile with them, understanding there’s nothing wrong with you. Remember, happiness is very important to your mental health, which in turn is very important to your exam.
  • Do not forget to go through your study notes consistently. You will ruin your whole day, if you miss some study hours, for something useless. For the rest of the day you would be thinking about what you missed, and at the end of the day, you would realize you’ve done nothing at all.
  • Study worked out examples.solve the problems with out looking at the solution in your own way, and you can check it later, and make amendments. Even if you get stuck in the middle of the question you have your guide with you. And it will revise your knowledge, you can easily understand where you got it wrong, and fix it. But it is not the same when you get stuck in the middle of a problem you don’t have a solution as a guide. You get confused and end up ruining your day. And an added advantage of solving solved examples is that once you’ve solved it in your way, and comparing your answer with the given one, perhaps you will find your answer is far too smarter than what is provided, may be with fewer steps, you get enthralled. And it will double the amount of studies you would do for the next few days.
  • Listen to your favorite artist’s albums. Not all the time of the day, but whenever you take breaks. It will help you to refresh your mind. But don’t get too much distracted from the lessons.
  • Read some encouraging sayings, metaphors, anything that builds your confidence.

Now that we’ve fully understood about maintaining our mental well being, we can move on to the next part of our discussion about exam tips.

Doing past papers

  • Doing past papers is one of the key factors, that would help you to excel in your exam. Now that you have completed the syllabus, and awaiting for the exam (not literary!), its time to go through past papers as much as you can. You will find everything you’ve learnt so far embedded in the past papers. Doing them according to the exact order you would follow in the exam will make it habitual for you to face a paper. Do not remember to use a watch, and check the time you take. Enough training would help you to complete the paper in the time allocated. This will be a big help for you in the exam.
  • Use marking schemes to correct your answers, and you can get a good idea about your mistakes, and you can learn many things from them, which correct answers won’t tell you. So don’t get discouraged, when you find you’ve done something wrong, in a problem. There is a big stuff you can learn from it.
  • Discuss your answers with your friends. You will find common mistakes; you will find some new innovative solutions. Perhaps you’d be able to help them understand subject matters around a particular problem.

Going through short notes

It is very important to keep in touch with every lesson. So dedicate an hour or two every day to refer your short notes. It will refresh your memory and help you to get motivated.

  • Take a look at your short note, while you are traveling in the bus, train or anything like that.
  • When you meet a friend, while chatting ask him about a certain subject matter, and you will make a useful conversation in the free time, you just thought to waste.
  • Try to remind the contents in your short note, with out looking at it. When you need help, look at it and grasp the contents.
  • Do not limit your reference to your short note, even during these days. Whenever you need some additional help, refer your original note and study the thing, until you make it very clear.

Exam Tips are the best practices for you to pass the exams easily. Hope you got some valuable exam tips reading this hub. Bookmark it if you liked it because you can refer to the tips easily.If you liked the exam tips, please share it on facebook and google+

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    • GarnetBird profile image

      Gloria Siess 6 years ago from Wrightwood, California

      this is a valid hub for students..I remember those college days well--keep up the good, professional work!! Thank you for your fan mail..