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How to Make Liquid Limit Graph in Excel Spreadsheet

Updated on January 6, 2016

A Step by Step Guide

1. Consider the data below.

2. In the "Insert" menu, selec "Scatter with only markers" as your chart type. Then select "Layout 1" as your chart layout.

3. In Page layout menu, click "Select data source", then click "Add".

4. Enter the x and y values by dragging the mouse starting from left to right as shown below, then click "OK"

5. Now, modify the chart Title, and the title on both axis.

6. We are not done yet. Make a linear trendline to complete your graph. Point the cursor on one of the points, right click, then select "Add Trendline".

7. Select "Linear" and "Close".

8. That's it!


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    • profile image

      Greg 3 years ago

      Good tutorial. For a more accurate calculation of the liquid limit (N=25), set the x axis to log scale. Set the log base to 2 and set the minimum x value to 6.25 so that N=25 will end up at a grid line. You can use this grid line to draw a horizontal line and pick off the liquid limit value for N=25 on the y axis.