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Get the Most out of Your Library Visit

Updated on May 24, 2017
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Lanecia is a writer and blogger who enjoys inspiring others through self-help articles.

According to a report provided by The Public Library Data Service, "Overall 1,897 libraries offer services to a total population of 192,748,171 including 102,759,178 registered borrowers".

Today, you may not be surprised to know that the library isn't just for the books. Libraries today caters to many audiences and provide many more services than ever before. It is almost impossible to go to the library and not find something you are interested in. Here's some ideas to get you started.

Utilize the Reference/Circulation desk

Usually when you enter the library, you will find that the main desk is centered or located right at the door of the library. If you are not familiar with the building oftentimes staff will give you a mini tour or show you to the subject you are looking for.

If you are not sure of what you are into, ask for the librarian. This is the person who can help you navigate the through library's thousands of aisles. She can also narrow your search down to specific resources that may interest you.

Take Advantage of Information Tables and Displays

Almost every time you enter the library you will find that there is a bulletin board or table with some type of information on it. Whether it is for the community or just information you can use to better your opportunities, this information is provided daily for free.

You can find all types of information in just about any subject department. All you have to do is ask and someone will be happy to show you where this information may be.

Utilize the Technology Department

If you haven't heard already, the library has now incorporated computer labs and maker space stations. If you are not familiar with the technology offered, staff are ready to assist you with your computing needs.

From job applications to resume building, the library has many resources available to assist you in the technology department. Take advantage of free computer classes that will teach you to be more tech savvy.

Get Involved by volunteering

Volunteering at the library is one of the best ways to gain connections throughout the community and the library system. This also a good way to gain new friends and meet a lot of awesome people.

Also, ask about becoming a Friend of the library. Once you apply, you make a small donation, which supports programs for children and adults at the library. You also get the first look at all the new material at book sales.

You may gain tax deductions through the library when you give donations. You get the first invite to any special events. Upon applying for membership you may receive a free gift as well.

Go to Events

The library has many different events that you can attend on a regular basis. There is always something going on every week. From free tutoring, art exhibitions, and live music, you can enjoy a wide range of events. Here you can also get to meet new people and connect with library staff.

Make Conversation

A simple conversation can go a long way. If you are not sure how to use the library or you may need advice on finding opportunities, library staff are always able to assist you.Start by asking questions about what you want to know.

Or simply ask about ways you can use the library. Oftentimes, you will find out more than you need to. Before you know it you can use the library without assistance and can help other navigate through the world of knowledge.

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