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How to Merge Magic, Myth and Reality

Updated on July 14, 2009

I was thinking of the Tower of Babel and the reason in the Bible why there are so many languages today. I think the reason God created many languages is for the people to appreciate contrasts. If I were to envision a conceited God, I would say He created the different languages so that He can be serenaded in different languages. But I can not comprehend the mind of God so I will not go there.

At any rate I can not imagine a conceited God.

When two people can communicate without the use of language, we enter into the realm of magic and myth, and yet, it is entirely possible. It is real. Studies of twins separated at birth have documented this.

In the world of myth and magic, the unseen, a soul is born with a twin, hence the term “Soul Mate”. I take this to mean a soul separated from its twin at birth. There are many movies about this.

It is possible for two people to communicate with each other without the filter of the ego. When this happens that communication becomes a dance. It is beautiful but it is also scary, in the sense that there is no place to hide. One is totally exposed, vulnerable, naked, no room for hypocrisy.

This is the kind of communication between a guru and a disciple, when the student is ready to be totally exposed, vulnerable. The paradox is that this is the exact state in which the guru is also able to transmit the best. The student, by accepting himself, as he is, unmasked, totally naked, can now realize that he and the guru are the same. The separation is only in his mind.

But what if the relationship is not between a guru and a student, in the formal sense? This is where it gets tricky. One who is able to read another’s thought is so very tempted to do it all the time, with everybody. An ego enhancement tool . It is one of the six yogic powers that come when the mind is quieted [See the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali]

We all have these thoughts that we do not want to share with others. They are too private, shameful to have or entertain since they are so “off” the spiritual path. So we think. Thinking is the ego's tool to take us away from the present, the dharma experienced as tantra.

It takes discipline not to invade someone’s thoughts without his or her permission and hence all of the sages warn about it. Like a drug, it can intoxicate and when one indulges in it, the person now becomes a drunken monkey.

On the other hand, if it is between two people who wish to do it, voluntarily, then it becomes a beautiful dance. No ego involved, a free flow, freedom instead of a cage.

This kind of communication exists between a parent and a child. They are in tune with each other. 

In the romantic sense, when one is fortunate to find that person who is his/her twin flame, and both are willing to be vulnerable, the meeting of two minds merge myth, magic, and reality. No need for words.

What do you have to do when you find this person? Be fearless. The paradox is that when you are most vulnerable, you are also the strongest. Why? Because the soul that was split has now become whole and you will know it beyond the shadow of a doubt.

© 2009 by Melinda M. Sorensson


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    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 5 years ago

      Dearest Ben,

      I hope you don't mind me calling you Ben.

      Obviously, you are very knowledgeable. Indeed I forgot Hebrew, my apologies. Oh, how can I forget?

      When the mind is quieted sufficiently there are unusual phenomena, and the first tendency is to be fascinated and intrigued by them.

      No one escapes that stage. It is part of the path.

      As an answer to your question of your comments being too off the mark, no not at all.

      You seek through the path of knowledge, therefore the answer is through the path of work...manual labor, so to speak.

      Sit, sit, sit...meditate. Just watch your breath, without seeking anything.

      In the beginning I used to sit 45 minutes a day, 2x a day.

      Later on I made it for a whole day..Saturdays.

      Sometimes it took me four hours to arrive at a space when I did not want to get up, sometimes the mind was so agitated, it took me 16 hours, extending to the next day...

      The only to befriend something that tries to enslave is through discipline.

      If you were living in Japan, I would recommend you to work with a dear friend, a Zen Master.

      You are welcome to email me at

      You are welcome to connect with me on skype and I will introduce you to a friend in Europe. Two friends in Europe.

      Warmest regards, M

    • profile image

      benguile3 5 years ago

      Thank you so much for your having read my posting, and taking it seriously. I think your response takes salient selections from what I posted, and after elipsis (...), or a double carriage return, comes your advancement of the conversation. Please let me know if this is accurate?

      "to help you in the area of telepathic communication ? or communication as in ARC?"...


      "It is a by product rather than an end by itself. If you go by way of Yoga, then it is one of the Siddhic powers.."...

      My best guess is that telepathic communication, if it arises in the kind of activity in which I am interested, is perhaps a signpost on the way, a central or necessary side-effect, as it were. ARC, I think, is a bit different: it is a technique, or perhaps better stated, a strong theory (in the sense of Newtonian Physics is a strong theory), based on objective-type subjective communal evidence, and as such, is only as useful as the goals towards which it is being put. The products of CoS is clear evidence that ARC per se is not the "road to heaven", etc. etc., if one is to follow Jesus' analogy of "one judges a tree by the fruit it bears".

      The idealized goal I am pursuing is joint-existence. Our physical bodies are unitary joint existences of (evolutionarily) separate organisms -- if, as I tend to agree, the result of the evolution of physical cooperation among separate organisms. So, to, I suspect that it is really possible for conscious entities, awareness-of-awareness units, to use ARC-type techno-talk, to co-exist as single, joint entities, and that therein lies a far greater existence, with far greater potential, and, I sincerely hope, if developed with or after purification, will not include such horrible tendencies as we now display, such as the reciprocal-destruction-of-each-others'-existences, hate, self-delusion; and will follow along the same lines as Reality, the thing that is incapable of lying or denying its own reality. If there is a Good God, and I sincerely from the deeper parts of my heart hope there is!, we should evolve along the lines of God's creation, which is Real, and only in our dreams deniable.

      "All languages, with the exception of Latin and Greek are organic. They evolve"...

      By this, I think you are referring to Latin (discounting any "organicity" in whatever is spoken in the Vatican) and Classical Greek (rather than Greek is being spoken today), and Hebrew, before it was resurrected with the establishment of the State of Israel. Ottoman Turkish I would also add, it having gone out of currency with Attaturk in about 1923. Am I reading you correctly? If so, I agree, although I would add that, as Hebrew demonstrated, this organicness lies resident in those dead languages, perhaps like a dormant root. It is fun to conjecture whether such languages can be resurrected by humans 10,000 years in the future, provided that sufficient records remain. Would we be able to resurrect the language of man spoken 4,000 years ago? can Pharonic Egyptian be re-enlivened? how about 20,000 years ago? Dormant roots, to pursue the analogy, do not persist forever... Fun to consider.

      "This [the intimate-strange feelings] is just normal. It does not go away. As long as you identify with the will come.."

      I think you are right that it is (a) normal, and (b) at LEAST for a while, although I have some caveats, as are probably easily identified in the stuff I wrote above. As to identifying with the body, that's an interesting question. I have found myself in relevantly completely dark rooms (either totally lightless, or with only a glowing corona around a dimmer switch), to suddenly start to lose track of my body, causing me to want to sit down for fear of falling, or grab onto something. Here, I have identified my real identification with the body, and one way in which I can say it is possible, at least for an instant glimmer of belief, to start to lose the identification. Beyond that, I do not understand much. If I were to encounter a real being in the "space" in which I find myself while I want to put my body in a safe state, I do not know what it would be like, etc. etc. I also know that once I fall, I will be "knocked into sense", rather than "knocked senseless" LoL. Wow, "knocked into sense"! It is true. So far, before my death, my body trumps my dreams. I can be woken by my body (pour scalding water on my legs or the like, for example, will wake me up, regardless of my dream state) so far. I have found that there is always something, be it the suffering from lack of oxygen and excess of CO2, that "brings me back to reality". The techniques involved in Bardo seems to be a route to understanding, and operating successfully in such a reality.

      But what is equally, and even more urgent/necessary for me now, is what to do with these intimate-strange-and-the-like feelings. They are strong, and produce energy otherwise unavailable to me, in precisely the area that interests me, and these feelings are on-the-road. I try to handle them with candor, but alone it is hard to work, as I am in the midst of my own delusions, illusions and uncertainty. The anchor of another's common existence seems to would be very good here. I have just not found anyone who goes there sincerely yet. Those with whom I have occasionally and by accident gone freak out before we can gain assurances of trust and safety enough to "let go" and be truly candid. Our own secrets stand in our way, as I sometimes put it to myself. They seem very precious indeed... :)

      Again, thank you for your having considered my previous posting, and if this one is too off-the-mark, etc. or etc., please let me know? Otherwise, I am interested in Your experiences here as well.

      Best to you and your family,


    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 5 years ago

      I am actually looking for any person(s) whom you have heard of or know, or to whom you might direct me for more help in this area, rather than structured help you in the area of telepathic communication ? or communication as in ARC?

      It is a by product rather than an end by itself. If you go by way of Yoga, then it is one of the Siddhic powers..

      All languages, with the exception of Latin and Greek are organic. They evolve

      However, I have found that the more I go into agreement with another person, the more intimate-strange feelings arise in myself, and I do not know what to do with them, where to go with them, or what, as I have not found anyone who is actively, consciously or with awareness working on this.

      This is just normal. It does not go away. As long as you identify with the will come..

    • profile image

      benguile3 5 years ago

      I am actually looking for any person(s) whom you have heard of or know, or to whom you might direct me for more help in this area, rather than structured study.

      Actually I am not sure what you mean by structured study -- but recognize the qualifier as possibly ruling other areas out -- and I am not even sure that structured study per se would be workable, as each person is so constantly changingly different that structure would fail to capture the changing realities.

      I am right not in Ankara, Turkey, and will be back to Atlanta in a couple of weeks, as it seems that the Turkish language has some very interesting characteristics that seem to lend themselves quite well to commonality of thought. I have noticed that this language, and perhaps even faster, Korean, changes faster than any other language around. Within a few of decades, Korean changes so much that out of context some statements are considered to be incorrect or meaningless I discovered, although the meaning can be recognized when the entire context is presented to the reader. (Their response is, "Oh! that is not how we would say it at all, but that was a long time ago", the time span being from 1976 to 2003). I discovered that Turkish is the same, as a friend of mine's wife tried translating for her husband at a presentation, and everyone complained they could not understand what she was saying, even though she was native Turkish, from the area, and understood the topic quite well. I do not know if this was her poor translation, but it was indeed remarkable, because she had prepared her translation, as I understand, with her husband beforehand.

      Agreement brings intimacy. This appears to be true. In Korea they say (and it is qualitatively true) that when one woman changes her hair style, the whole country changes within one month. This, however, does not extend to overseas Koreans -- they do not seem to change their hair-styles the same way, so perhaps it is a Korean "cloud effect"? or just the spread of a fad among group-oriented awareness-consciousness. However, I have found that the more I go into agreement with another person, the more intimate-strange feelings arise in myself, and I do not know what to do with them, where to go with them, or what, as I have not found anyone who is actively, consciously or with awareness working on this. Understandably, it is a strange and difficult area, and although it seems within our eventual potential, evolutionarily at least, it seems we do not do this much yet.

      Please let me know whatever you think or feel here?

    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 6 years ago

      If I learn of any structured study, absolutely I will let you know. Thank you for dropping by and leaving your comment, benguile3. Much appreciated.

    • profile image

      benguile3 6 years ago

      I am actively researching this issue from the viewpoints of religious studies, philosophy and cognitive sciences. My best guess at this point is to approach it from the angle of emergent phenomena. If there is anyone who is actually working on a project to accomplish any of these tasks, please let me know?

    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 7 years ago

      Music and the Arts in general fall into the general category of Aesthetics, governed by harmonics and indeed it is a way of communicating between beings.

      The answer to your question. I do not know when God created languages and which ones. I suppose all of them, through man, to allow human beings to communicate with

      each other.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Much appreciated.

    • f_hruz profile image

      f_hruz 7 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      God created languages? Which one, when and how? I find a great way to communicate is through music and the arts in general!

    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 8 years ago

      And that is truth, Guhy. Thank you.

    • profile image

      guhy 8 years ago

      We have a proverb in China: When two are in love with each other, they are of one mind.

    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 8 years ago

      Oh, Denny, this is so true. When people are not yet ready to receive, it does not matter what one does to make them get it.

      Thank you!!

    • Denny Lyon profile image

      Denny Lyon 8 years ago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

      Really enjoyed this hub! Wonderful to see an excellent spiritual teacher talking out loud about these things.

      I know what you mean about this level of communication and what is astounding is how many people you run into in person or on an always present in the Now level with whom you and they are immediately simpatico. It's quite a gift from God.

      As to the responsibility of reading others' minds my fail-safe that always works is that I leave it up to Holy Spirit to filter everything and everyone who comes into my life. That way I don't overstep any boundaries and nor can they "sin" thoughtlessly either. It's about trusting God completely to do the right thing at all times for us and choosing to apply your will to cooperate with God's choices.

      Because it is true that the more you cultivate the presence of God, the more you absorb a lot of spiritual energy as a lagniappe. People are drawn to that spiritual energy and don't always respond appropriately to it as they have not been prepared or studied to handle it easily. Then I figure it's my responsibility to do nothing until either God does something or moves me to do it.

      Either way it is complete trust. Spiritual energy is powerful and requires tremendous discipline to partner properly with it. And then, the more you partner with it, God starts adding more and the process of learning how to cooperate with the new energy starts the upward spiral all over again! Life is fun with God! :) Never a dull moment...

    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 8 years ago

      Yes, we will keep it at that so I do not give out confidences [smiles]

      Thank you.

    • my-success-guru profile image

      my-success-guru 8 years ago from Upstate NY

      Hi msorensson!

      Wow amazing!

      "In the romantic sense, when one is fortunate to find that person who is his/her twin flame, and both are willing to be vulnerable, the meeting of two minds merge myth, magic, and reality. No need for words."

    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 8 years ago

      That is it. Just the effort is the way. Just like meditation. :-)

    • DynamicS profile image

      Sandria Green-Stewart 8 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      msorensson, thanks for your kind response. I look forward to put into practice your suggestion of appreciating without judgment. This will be a challenge for me due to previous communication mode, but I'm willing to make the effort.

      I look forward also to speak to you vis e-mail.

      God bless...

    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 8 years ago

      Wonderful question. The answer is leave a space in which you can understand what he is going through wihout injecting your own ego based needs and wants. Detachment. Not detachment from the person but detachment from "demanding" that he understands you and attends to your needs and wants at the moment. Next time you are getting angry and frustrated while communicating with him or anyone, observe that person and simply appreciate that person for who he is. You will find, magically, that all of your unmet demands are within, not with the other person.

      Try this and please do let me know what happens inside of you.

      I will email you my email address privately.

      Before I go, the very fact that you are asking this means you are already there. You simply had to clarify it and that is why you asked me

    • DynamicS profile image

      Sandria Green-Stewart 8 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Thanks msorensson. My question is what can I do to achieve that state of communication with my partner? Does he have to be mentally in the same space/awareness? If he is not, how can I get him to that awareness?

    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 8 years ago

      Thank you, DynamicS

      The mothers are so in tune with their children since they have been communicating with each other, forging the sacred contracts long before the egg is fertilized.

      Today, yours and my lesson [I am smiling] is that we simply let go.

      When you have that connection with someone, it is, by experience, scary, to have someone so in tune with you there is no where to go and nothing to hide. But you will know it.

      One caveat. When you find this person and he is not ready to admit to such a connection, or forge a mutual agreement, let it be. While you can will that the person understands you and work with you [because of the promise of the most perfect communication between two human beings], we cannot force it. The resistance itself, created by the ego, will sever it.

      So take it as a dance. One time one person leads and the other follows, then take turns. This is very difficult to do, but please do remember when you meet him.

    • DynamicS profile image

      Sandria Green-Stewart 8 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      That is so deep msorensson. I am yet to experience that level of communication with an adult, and somehow intrinsically, I know that I can attain that. I as most mothers experience that with their babies, as you pointed out. Just to emphasize, until my children were about 2 years, I would wake as soon as they turn in the next room, even before the days of motion/sound monitors. I always marvel at that because I'm a sound sleeper.

      Very interesting hub. Thanks for inspiring such spiritual thoughts.

    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 8 years ago

      Oh so true!! Bravo!! Thank you!!

      Speaking of parents and children yes, definitely.

      Speaking of pets and owners, absolutely ..When the dogs look at me, they can tell me if they are thirsty or hungry or want to go the bathroom. I find it sooo amazing!!

    • metaphysician profile image

      metaphysician 8 years ago

      On the nonlocal domain or also known as the infinite possibilites or infinite intelligence, space and time just doesn't exist. Here on earth with experience the illusion of space and time because we merely see those differences due to the narrow perception that we have towards the reality that we have created.

      Nonlocal intelligence is everywhere all at once and can cause multiple effect simultaneously in various locations. It is from this virtual domain that everything in the world is organized and synchronized.  

      Scientists have also proposed a level of existence known as Minkowski's eight dimensional hyperspace in which this mathematically conceived dimension, the distance between two events, non matter how separate they appear to be in space-time is always zero. This once again suggests that a dimenstion of existence where we are all inseparably one. Separation is just merely an illusion. For that, when we feel love in any form, it has the effect of beginning to shatter that illusion.

      Some people do experience strong connection even without meditation such as twins or between a child and the parents. It also happens between a pet and his owner.

    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 8 years ago

      Thank you Rui. We get there without trying when we see how the ego filters everything.

    • profile image

      ruisoares65 8 years ago

      To love in the whole is love everything, the totality. Thats the unconditional love. That starts within you.

      Thanks Melinda :*

    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 8 years ago

      Oh what I meant by boundaries is if you are in Australia for example and I am here in Louisiana, if I try to communicate with you while you are sleeping it will wake you up.

      I agree otherwise

    • metaphysician profile image

      metaphysician 8 years ago

      There is no boundaries between two minds or even the whole consciousness. I remembered Dr Deepak Chopra spoken about this in his Synchro Destiny. Two people who are deeply bonded usually experience this. Mediatators are the good examples, when their minds reach certain level, alpha and theta. Scientists could detect their brain spikes when communications are happening.

    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 8 years ago

      The merging of two minds has to be mutual. Spock can do this with mind meld when necessary but this also means he has to suffer the pains of the other person when he does it. Cause and effect.

      When two people agree that it is alright, then the boundaries are set. There is no fear because both know that this "merging" comes from a place of unconditional love. The requirement being "unconditional"

      I can tell when my son has some concerns, very simply by the way he breathes. I have to determine whether I should ask about it or not. Sometimes I do and sometimes I let it go until he tells me, even if I already know.

    • AlexK2009 profile image

      AlexK2009 8 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

      Language tends to affect your picture of reality and that creates the language. This is nothing as crude as the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis but more matter of subtle connotations "Amour" and Latin "Amor" both translate as love but in the original language mean sonething slightly different from the Englsh translation.

      The Psychic powers that come when the mind is quieted should be used responsibly. There is, I feel no harm in using them for entertainment, providing non one is harmed, or as a last resort for survival. As you say though when the ego is involved things tend to turn sour, and power, whatever the origin, becomes a drug.

      The merging of minds in complete trust is rare but you describe it well


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