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Updated on March 22, 2013

I just recently passed my NCLEX-PN exam, and I would like to share how I did it, specially for those new grads that are taking this exam for the second or third time... or even even forth! RELAX its o.k. other than you'll have to pay another $200 for the test and $75 to register. Its frustrating to review for a test when you don't know what to review about. "should i focus on maternity?, peds?, pharmacology?, etc. Its not like a math test that you know you'd be working with numbers the whole time. I know I'm not allowed to say that NCLEX is a tricky exam but I'd say it anyway. They make you study questions that would not even come out on the questionnaire.

ANYHOW lets cut this intro short and jump to the TIPS ON PASSING NCLES-PN

  • first ask a fellow "unlicensed nurse" which book their trying to review., as for me I studied Saunders. I like it because It comes with a disk you can load to your computer that replicates the real NCLEX exam. Questions, scores, rationales you name it.
  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buy JUDITH MILLER NCLEX REVIEW DVDs kinda pricey but its worth it! I Think its about $299.00 last time i checked. Its nice to have specially for people who learns and retains knowledge by hearing and pictures like me. Plus you get to stop, play and rewind it anytime you want
  • Don't enroll yourself to one of those NCLEX review class for 3 days please. WHY? because its expensive, far and it'll cost a lot of embarrassment when you don't pass. "OMG she took the NCLEX review class and she still didn't pass" please don't do that to yourself.
  • Don't tell ANYONE that your taking it, simply because it'll cause a lot of pressure into you because now your mom knows that you took it and your sister recently took hers and passed so there's no excuse for you not to pass this test. Surprise them when you pass.
  • so now you have the right tools, and the right set of mind pressure free. The next question is WHERE? your room, walk in closet, bathroom, LIBRARY anywhere! but make sure that there is minimal to zero distractions (your son, husband or wife, t.v.,cell) I watched all my Judith miller whenever i can for two months.Not everyday just whenever i find time
  • take a time off from work, say.... a week. A weeks worth of paycheck will come back to you easily once you get your license. IT'S WORTH IT!
  • Go to the library with a headset, a laptop, ear plugs,coffee or water, a can of nuts (if your not allergic to it, or just any snack to feed your brain)

Pick a sweet spot Stay there for 8 hours, a bit too much but you can take bathroom breaks or lunch breaks. I find it hard to retain knowledge if i only studied for four hours plus if you were working you wouldn't leave in the middle of your shift right? The library is free for everyone make a good use of it. do it for one week, read Saunders, answer questions, read rationales, make flash cards,watch Judith Miller videos, make illustrations. Write it, draw it. My teacher once told me because it helps make that connections of neurons to your brain. on the day of your exam. Sleep on time, relax, eat dinner- be normal. Wake up early the next day. Eat breakfast, something heavy, you'll be tackling with this test for 5 hours anyway you wouldn't want to pass out in the middle of this life changing test before you sit in that chair and change your life forever make sure that you know all your normal values because almost everything revolves around normal values, that's how you know when something is wrong if there's infection,if glucose is high or low, how much sodium is acceptable, how much acid is ok to have in our system, if our body is producing too much white blood cells. YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT NORMAL IS TO REPORT TO THE DOCTOR WHEN THINGS ARE NOT NORMAL YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO RECOGNIZE ABNORMALITIES. know you conversions. ml. to cc. mg. to mcg. the computer will check if you know your math and if it thinks that you got it down it'll stop giving you more math questions. (trust me they only gave me 2) know your meds, their effects and side effects & the antidotes.

And i think your ready to take your exam. One more thing. If your questions gets harder and harder, be happy it means you got the last question right, and if your last question was FREAKING HARD AS HELL it means you passed! CONGRATS!


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    • profile image

      Chris 4 years ago

      Where did you get Judith Miller Dvd bc on the website they are over $800.

    • profile image

      Christina 4 years ago

      Just wondering , there are soooo many meds to learn. Which meds in particular should we remember? Please help! thanks :)