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How to Prepare for Bank PO Exams

Updated on April 15, 2013

How to Prepare for Bank PO Exams?

A Bank PO exam stands for probationary officer exams. Each year the bank PO exams are conducted. To become a probationary officer in bank, the candidates have to pass out this Aptitude exam Test. Different banks are conducting for selecting the probationary officers for their bank.

Why Banks ?

The main reasons behind for selecting bank are the security and well Paid. Today for youth is to enter into bank is like mission. For commercial student the probability of job choices are too less comparatively so most of the students are eager to enter into field of banks.

Job Opening in Banks

It’s not specific at which time the bank organizes this PO exams. They used to declare dates in the newspapers and other Medias.

Good new for the candidates over here now you can also fill the form for Banks PO exam online. Now most of banks provide you the facility to fill the registration form.

Banking PO Exams
Banking PO Exams

How to apply for Bank PO Exams

There are certain criteria decided by the respected bank for the candidate’s eligibility. The eligibility criteria is based on the age, Candidate must be graduate with at least First class, must be professional in operating computer etc. For different banks, different criteria are mentioned in the advertisement in recruitment form itself.

Job Profile for Bank PO

First in the probation period they can be granted any work and also less work but after completion of probation period the work granted to PO are about finance related, loans, marketing, budgeting, cash management, cheques handling etc. After checking the skills, they will grant any specific work in which he/she is perfect.

Advantage of Bank Jobs

To work in bank with the post probationary officer is one of the best achievements of the candidate. Probationary officer work is one of the best and relaxing job work comparing to other works and also the salaries of the candidates and benefits are more comparative to other jobs.

Disadvantage of Bank Jobs

There are fewer disadvantages of bank jobs comparing to other jobs. One of the disadvantages is that the officers are granted high burdened work at the year ends. And they have to do their work very carefully because while doing one mistake even cause the huge loss and for that he/she can be suspended.

Common Syllabus of Bank PO

The syllabus includes verbal test which is test of reasoning, non verbal test, general awareness test and English test. Also one section consists of computer literacy because computer is now compulsory in every bank but time to time the syllabus changes and for different banks different syllabus are assigned.

Books for Preparation

You can download some of the material from the internet. Even you can download previous exams papers with the answers.

Some of the books are

  1. R. S. Agarwal series on arithmetic, reasoning and basic English and follow it stringently
  2. Bank PO Exam Preparation by Aditya Publications
  3. Abhijit Guha book for aptitude quantative test.

Best Coaching Centers

Now in every city, bank PO exams coaching centers are available through which you can get training for writing bank exams some of are T.I.M.E, AAA bright academy in chandigarh, Career Avenues and sachdeva new P.T college in Delhi etc are the considered as best coaching centers.


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      LensMan999 4 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

      Hi H P and rizzi,

      Thanks for your supportive comments.

    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 7 years ago from Guwahati, India

      Jobs in Bank are good but it involves great responsibility that agony makes a life confined.