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How to Prepare for HSA Biology

Updated on May 31, 2016

Process of Mitosis

This is what a visual question on the HSA can look like.  This is the process of Mitosis.  The real order is Prophase - Metaphase - Anaphase - Telophase
This is what a visual question on the HSA can look like. This is the process of Mitosis. The real order is Prophase - Metaphase - Anaphase - Telophase | Source

In Maryland, you need to pass the HSA for Biology in 9th grade in order to pass the class and graduate.You need (and have) ample amount of time to prepare for this test, which is much like a final. I, in particular, have to take this test tomorrow. Many students may have already taken the test and bombed it. Well, sucks to be them. Anyways, this is for the people who are studying at the last minute or have a couple of days to study.

1.) Read your Biology notes!

Unless you've been sleeping during every Biology class, you should have some notes. Look over those notes, read them, speak them, make a song out of the vocabulary if you have to! However, I don't recommend you singing while taking the test.

2.) Google is your best friend.

Don't just sit there, use the search engine that not even your parents had during critical times such as these: GOOGLE! Here is a nice pdf to read over, just in case your such a lazy teenager that you don't feel like searching up some study material for something that may affect your entire future:

Read over that document. If you know most of the material, great! If you find yourself wondering what the heck is going on, then everything your instructor has been saying to you must have gone over your head.

3.) Quizlet is your soulmate.

What's quizlet? It's one of the best sites in the world. Just go to and type in 'hsa biology'. Dozens of results should pop up, results that may save your future. In those links are hundreds of vocabulary words that you may have remembered by heart over the years or you don't know at all. If you rarely know those terms well...good luck.

4.) HSA Biology Tests from 2009 and back

Okay, you may be wondering why you should be looking at old tests in the first place. Do you really think that people these days will be creative enough and 'not-so-lazy' enough to actually create new questions for you every year? Test creators recycle questions over and over again. Biology teachers know this as well. The test may be different, but the questions are just overused sentences restated so they don't have to come up with something completely different. So here, I present to you, the HSA Biology tests from 2004 through 2009, answers included:

5.) TestNav 2013 Practice Test

Personally, I haven't been able to use this because of a needed Java update, but if you have it updated then you can use a more recent test to study for the HSA:

6.) Even Amazon can help you.

If you have money on your PayPal, then you can buy a study Flashcard system (used) for 20 bucks or a brand new one for 35 bucks. I admit that the other options are much better than this one, though:

7.) Don't Procrastinate!

Many students wait until the absolute last minute (literally minutes before class starts) to look over their notes, pretending that they have a photographic memory. Unless you really can look at something once and remember it, then don't wait until the test is about to start. You will fail. On the HSA, you either know it, or you don't. Even if you aren't in Maryland, you can use these links to help you on your Biology Final exam or whatever test in Biology you may have. Tests can have a lot in common across the U.S.

Now remember, don't procrastinate and ace that test!

© 2016 Sharuto


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