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5 Things to do to Prepare for the ACT

Updated on May 31, 2010
The Forever-Feared Scantron Sheet
The Forever-Feared Scantron Sheet

So you're a junior in high school and it's time to take the fabled ACT standardized exam huh? Well there are many different theories thrown around as to what one should do to prepare for such an exam. So what I - a sophomore in college - will do is explain, in an easy-to-understand way, the best things a student can do before taking the ACT. Shall we begin?

1) Eat A Good Breakfast

I most definitely agree with this one. There is absolutely nothing worse than sitting for four hours only thinking about what to eat for lunch. Also, there is a rule that forbids anyone from bringing food or drink into the testing rooms, but if you can hide a granola bar in your pocket to eat during a bathroom break - more power to you - and more focus - so a better score.

2) Study, Study, STUDY!

While this may be true in some aspects, the majority of the ACT is based on simple, widely discussed topics in the different realms. So while you will want to know the basic set ups for most problem sets, studying for hours and hours won't change anything.

3) Skip Over The More Difficult Problems

This is a big one. Because of the fact that each question from each section is given the same weight to the rest of the problems, it should be common sense to complete as many easy questions before going back to spend more time on the harder ones.

4) Guess!

Hey, if you don't know it, you don't know it. And you won't learn it before the time runs out. So if you exhausted all of your mental resources on a particular question and have yet to find an answer - GUESS. You aren't marked down for wrong answers so you might as well try and answer them all.

5) Leave Time To Go Back And Review

This one I am entirely against. From the way I see it - if you've finished the test and have enough time to go back and recheck each question, then you are quite terrible at managing your time. Instead of stressing about making sure you have time left over at the end of the test, use that energy to instead focus on the questions the first time - that way there shouldn't need to be any need to go back check your work.

So there you have it. Five massively discussed preparation techniques used today. Some true, others...not so much. From a sophomore in college who's gone through it all, to you who are just about to start - I say good luck.


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