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How to Prepare for Exams

Updated on June 19, 2013
How to Prepare for Exams
How to Prepare for Exams
How to Prepare for Exams
How to Prepare for Exams
Step 1 - Content
Step 1 - Content
Step 2 - How to Prepare for Exams
Step 2 - How to Prepare for Exams
Step 2 - Understanding the Exams
Step 2 - Understanding the Exams
Step 3 - How to Prepare for Exams
Step 3 - How to Prepare for Exams
Step 3- Where Do Stand
Step 3- Where Do Stand
Step 4- How To Prepare for Exams
Step 4- How To Prepare for Exams
Step 4 - Start with What you know.
Step 4 - Start with What you know.
Step 5- How To Prepare for Exams
Step 5- How To Prepare for Exams
step 5- time Management
step 5- time Management
Step 5- Time Management
Step 5- Time Management
Step 6- How To Prepare for Exams
Step 6- How To Prepare for Exams
Step 6 - Practice
Step 6 - Practice
 How To Prepare for Exams
How To Prepare for Exams

5 Steps Guide

How to Prepare for Exams

1. Content

This is first stage. You must know everything about what you have to prepare. What is the content of every topic and sub topic and their importance and relevance is first step in preparing for exams. Without knowing the content you will not able to prepare for the exams in best possible way. Before starting journey one should know the destination to be travelled, the road taken and final point. Content is all about the journey to take to get to the point of examination.

2. Question Pattern

This is your next step. Look at exam pattern. The questions book, this will show you which topic has how much weightage. What are the important topics and questions? Just put them down on piece of paper.

Type of questions asked, short, long or just objective type. How much marks and weightage allocated to each of questions.

Are there any options available, i.e. solve any 2 of 3 or 3 of 5? Solve any one, which are the topics usually asked as alternative to each other.

Find out what are the topics and questions are repeated and have higher weightage.

This should give you fair understanding of questions paper and what you should do now.

3. Your Present Status

The third step is to find out where you stand. What are the topics you know fully well, which are topics you know and can be upgraded, and what are topics you do not know and not able to do. When you are starting to prepare for exam, you should know how much distance you have travelled and how much more to go.

Check out how much portion of the question paper you know, how much from the topics and sections which are repeated every year. How much you know from the options available section.

Find out the topics which you know best and its percentage with paper. This is where you stand at start of the journey. Now plan your time.

4. Start with what you know

Start with what you know is most important point. Then look at what are important and repeated questions from step 2. Match step 2 and step 4 find out the score how much of total paper you know. This will give good idea where do you stand. Then start the hard work. Then revise each topic starting from you know best till the last. Make very brief sentence to remember whole topics. Make summery to repeat again and again. The brief statements should be two to three every topic and summery of every chapter should not be more than 3 to 4 pages then you are ready with just 20 to 25 pages to study just make schedule and read it every day and you are done.

5. Time Management

Time management is very important; everyone has limited time, just 24 hours a day. Define your schedule. Then see list of subjects for exams and prepare a chart how much time you think each subject will take. Then divide every subject into chapters. Then you will have how many hours total time required and how many you have. This will give you every day study hours.

Start early –Start your day early, yes this is best time to study. The best choice is 3 am. If you study intensively 3 hours in the morning from 3 am to 6 am then it is equal to more than 6 hours in evening.

Do not study single subject continuously, make mix every day, it will improve your ability remember, recall and understand.

Take rest can take little lap may be from 6.30 to 9.30/10 am. This will make you fresh for second intensive session and study. This will be long 4 to 5 hours sessions, if you can other wise 2 sessions with half an hour rest. This may be 11 to 4 or 5 O’ clock.

Refresh your mind, body and soul – this is very important in understanding the subject matter. Do what you enjoy, talk to parents, your friends and just make fun don’t talk discuss studies; tell them you will just talk fun. This will be of great help. Watch little TV may be 30 minutes or just draw few pictures or color them, this will your brain refresh.

The third session will be short, may be 2 hours to 3 hour maximum. This will close your day. Take a light meal early so that it will easy to slip afterward.

Slip Early is another point. Don’t too late to slip. Slip by 10 0r 11 o’clock maximum. This will give you sound slip for 5 hours and will be fresh when you wake in the morning for study.

6. Practice

Practice will make you perfect. Just try to solve as many papers as you can. Look at the mistakes you are making.

What are the silly mistakes?

Yes, this one is killer. You know the write answer very well still you made a mistake, especially in subject like mathematics or accounting or problem solving, such mistakes will make a big difference. These mistakes are not because you don’t know, they are there because you are mind is not fully concentrated on questions; there may be some conflict in mind.

Just remove everything else and concentrate on what you want, write patiently and it will be nice answer sheet.

While taking Papers look at time management, what questions taking long time and what is their weightage. Check if you have enough time to solve the question paper, give limited time to every questions depending upon its weightage.


Meals – Only take light and small meals many time, lot of juice and liquid. Avoid taking big single meal; avoid too much tea or Pepsi/Coca Cola. Fresh juice is best along with lemon tea, without milk will be great. Roof-afza, so similar rejuvenating drinks will make difference. Don’t touch energy drinks, and burger, pizza and similar diet. Take meal early in the night, very light meal.

Don’t Watch TV – this is one of distracting factor which will kill your precious time. This is one factor, second and more important factor is it will stretch your eyes and it will difficult for you to slip easily and will take long time to slip. Even though you lay on bed, you will not be able to slip soon.

Don’t Panic, it will not help, just relax and get ready.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Holy coiscne data batman. Lol!

    • ZIa Ahmed khan profile imageAUTHOR

      Dr. Zia Ahmed 

      5 years ago from Kuwait

      @Aaron Seitler - thanks a lot

    • Aaron Seitler profile image

      Aaron Seitler 

      5 years ago from Manchester, United Kingdom

      Smashing hub! You've given me a whole different outtake on exam preparation!


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