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How to Save Money On Home Schooling

Updated on February 12, 2011


So you want to home school your child but you don’t think that you can afford it. Well I’m here to tell you that there is hope. Sure it’s true that you probably won’t see a penny from the government for the education of your child but there are many proactive ways that you can save on their education without sacrificing quality.



One of the most important resources for the home schooling parent is the library. It serves as a supplier of your curriculum as well as storing the numerous books that you will need over the course of your child’s education (you don’t want to be like my family and have to practically buy a storage shed for all of your beloved books). Libraries also provide help in the form of advice on good books from your librarian, reading groups, and other activities that the library might host. So now you get a little back from Uncle Sam, and you can even get text books from the library if you want, although I wouldn’t advise it. My beef text books covers so many levels that it would be ridiculous to go into everything now. For now I think it is enough to say that text books are often intimidating to students, they often misrepresent or skew information, they also try to get students to learn using memorization of dates and names that students immediately forget anyway because it is simply not interesting. It is much better for parents to use normal books on the subject to teach. You can cover more information in greater detail, faster and more efficiently then you could otherwise. It’s also just much more engaging to read a story then a text book.  

Family Passes and Free Things to Do


When buying your passes to places like zoos and museums it is important to research the place before hand. Family passes are usually cheaper then individual passes and all businesses have times of the year where they have special offers. Even if there is no advertised offer at the time you want to get passes just try asking, they may be able to work out a cheaper price for you. If even these prices are a little too much then it is time to employ your computer and find something free. Each state has its free historical park and some museums have free exhibits or events. There are cities that have cultural festivals and some businesses do free tours. Many home schoolers go to parks to do activities for biology, art, and exercise.

Home Cooking and Your Child’s Business


Now it may sound a little funny to say it but many steps can be taken around the home that can be used to save money for something you care about, like home schooling. For instance, home cooking often comes out to a whole meal at just a little over a dollar a person, as opposed to fast food that comes out to six dollars a person. Try it; write out a meal with each ingredient and how much it costs for each serving. I did this in my college nutrition class and its true, it is supper cheap to eat at home.

Now that your child has no more homework he or she might enjoy doing work around the neighborhood such as mowing lawns or babysitting. Your child might put a percentage of their earnings away for some fun family activity of their choice.

I hope that this helps people see that with a little thought home schooling doesn’t have to be costly and maybe even encourages some people to give it a try.


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    • visionandfocus profile image


      7 years ago from North York, Canada

      I never really thought about it, but I think you're right about text books, at least for some subjects like history and geography, in particular.

      Also, our local library actually has a certain number of free family passes to local museums and art galleries every week, so that's something homeschoolers should definitely take advantage of.

      It's really interesting to hear from someone who's been home-schooled herself. Thanks for sharing!


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