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How to Secure My Life

Updated on June 29, 2009

How to Secure My Life?

To secure your life doesn't simply mean to keep yourself alive. It is most likely referred to lead a quality life, a happy life, an easy life. Moreover, your life doesn't only mean your own life. It usually refers to yourself and all your families, I mean, your wife/husband, children and probably your parents. How could we secure everything mentioned above? There're many ways. Read on if you're really interested.

Lead A Healthy Life first
Lead A Healthy Life first

Lead A Healthy Life First

Make My Physical Condition Healthy

To Lose weight doesn't mean you're too plump. The hub link above teaches you how to make a balanced diet and healthy way to make best of your physical condition. It'll be useful indeed.

Make My Mental Condition Healthy

I wrote this hub just to share with you the secrets of leading a happy life according to my own experience. Bookmark that hub after reading it thru. I'll update that hub from time to time. Wish you in a good mood every day.


Think about your family
Think about your family

Have You Had Enough Insurance to Secure Your Families?

See results

Think About Your Family —— Make A Family Analysis

  • How much is your family's monthly expenditure?

$1000,$2000, or $3000, including your kids' spending and mortgage payment. Make a moderate budget.

  • What if you lost your job? Can you family go well with it?

Your family's saving should at least support 10 months' family expenditure without any job income.

  • What if you get hurt or fall ill in hospital? How's your family?

Does Your medical insurance cover everything?

  • Have you ever thought that any small disaster could damage or doom your family's financial basis if you don't get your family well secured?

I come to realize couple of serious problems I have too before I learned anything about ways to secure myself. I finally get all the answers after I get the insurance agent license. Let me explain it to you in details.

What Insurance I Need the Most
What Insurance I Need the Most
Things Insurance to Cover
Things Insurance to Cover

What Insurance I Need the Most?

 In Summary:

  • Life Insurance

The most valuable present for ones you love, your kids, your wife/husband,your parents and your brothers & sisters.

  • Medical Insurance

Everyone's gonna get sick. You'll have to get a medical insurance fit for you to secure your family's living standard, especially when your job is the main source of family income.

  • Car Insurance

Car Insurance is inevitable. While it depends on what kinda car you're driving.

  • Home Insurance

Secure your family's home properties from fire accident,theft or other disasters. Get an umbrella for your house.

  • Other Insurance

There're different kinds you might never have head of. We'll discuz them later.

You Need to Secure Your Families
You Need to Secure Your Families
Secure Your Life and Your Spouse's
Secure Your Life and Your Spouse's
Secure Your Kids' Life
Secure Your Kids' Life

Why Life Insurance is So Important?

When you get married and get children, you'll surely feel that you're the happiest man/woman of the world. The only thing on your mind usually is, I will do anything to protect my family.

While bad things happen every day, you can learn that from newspapers and TV news. Everyone is gonna die at last. The problem is, your families still live, how could they lead a good life without your support? Your spouse, your children.

To get a life insurance doesn't mean you'll die an early death. On the contrary, if the policy has been signed, it means that the insurance company thinks that the chance you live is much greater than the chance you die in a certain period. If anything bad happened on you, your family will be secured by this life insurance policy. If you died a very old death,

Insurance beneficiary still gets a great sum of money. It's always a good deal. Isn't it? The premium you deposite for a life insurance policy can be withdrawn under certain circumstances if you are in need of money in an emergency. You'll only have to pay small interest for that policy-backed loan to remain the police in force.

  • Click Here to Get A Free Quote on Life & Medical Insurance with multiple insurance companies to choose from.

Medical Insurance Comes the Second

Medical Insurance has almost the same function as the Life Insurance. The difference is this takes care of the medical expenses when you fall ill or get injured.


Have You Secured Your Car Yet?
Have You Secured Your Car Yet?

Where to Get the Best Car Insurance for a Reasonable Price?

Law says we must have our car secured by a car insurance. While there are something you need to know:

  • Is the car insurance's charge reasonable enough?
  • Under what circumstances you'll not be compensated?
  • Is the Car Insurance Policy good enough to cover the all the cost if an car accident occurs?

The cost contains: Medical expenses, repairing expenses of your own car and the car you hit, property damage compensation you caused,ect.

You'll have to think about it thoroughly to sign a policy.

  • Click Here to Get A Free Quote on Car Insurance with multiple insurance companies to choose from.

Wanna Know How to Get A Nice & Affordable Car?


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    • profile image

      piyar ali  

      10 years ago

      To secure your life do insurance of your family.

    • wARtist profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago from China

      Remember your families need to live when you're gone.


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