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How to Survive AFTER a Hurricane

Updated on April 29, 2011

My family and I have experienced numerous tropical storms and three hurricanes. One hurricane a category three, and two hurricanes that were category twos. We were prepared for all of them. It's after the hurricane that's tricky.

I could write an article on how to prepare for a hurricane. But there are plenty of articles on the web on how to do that. Most of it is common sense any way. Board up your house, get plenty of canned food, buy batteries, get plenty of water, get a generator, and so on.

Let me tell you what to expect after a hurricane.


After a hurricane you might feel a little confused. A lot just happened to you. But hopefully you still have your family and a roof over your house. But guess what? Millions of insects won't. Especially honey bees.

After every hurricane we went through, there were thousands of confused honey bees everywhere. They weren't mad, just confused. They weren't out to get us, but if you weren't careful what you were doing you would get stung. When picking something up or putting your hand on something, look first. I got stung picking up a bottle of water. A bee was on the back side of the bottle.

So if a hurricane comes your way and your allergic to bees, take the precautions you need. Or get out of town.

I Don't Have a Generator, But I Have a Lawnmower

The most sought after thing after a hurricane are generators. When a hurricane comes to town it's going to take your electricity away for  a week or longer. And you're gonna want to have a generator to keep your refrigerator running.

The problem here is that there are a certain element of people who are also gonna want your generator. A certain number of people would go out at night and swipe generators while they were still running!

These people would take a lawnmower, crank it up and sneak it right next to a generator that was running. (A generator and mower sound just alike.) They'd then take the generator leaving you the mower, but you still had the sound of the generator.

Hurricane Books

Four Flat Tires?

When a hurricane comes along roofs often pay the price. Most roofs will stay put because of today's building standards, but roofing tiles are gonna fly off. And the tiles are gonna bring roofing nails. 

Roofing nails will get in your tires. So make sure you have a spare, a good supply of fix-a-flat, and plenty of tire plugs. It's not a matter of IF you get a nail in your tire, it's how many.


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