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5 Crazy Survival Tips for Law Students

Updated on December 23, 2017
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It's not a joke to be in law school

The study of law is definitely not a walk in the park. Most if not all law students will agree. If you don't have the heart for it, the only way is out. Survival is even harder for those who also work while studying law. Even with this,law school does not mean getting buried in your books, otherwise, you will lose your sanity. So have some fun while doing it and take a look at these not so serious ways to ways to help you survive the next four years of your life.

'Study of Law'
'Study of Law' | Source

1. Get as much sleep, when you can

Don’t try to be Edward Cullen (a.k.a vampire)

Law school mortality rate is already high as it is and you can avoid being a casualty through burnout and getting yourself hurt by getting sleep when you can. Yes, you can save yourself and sleep is possible in law school. You just have to be creative.

With tons of case laws to read, there are days when sleeping eight hours each night is not an option. However, poring over all the assigned casework all night won’t make you smarter than your seat mate. Don't even think of skipping sleep because even vampires sleep. The body is supposed to be resting at this time of the day. Moreover, forcing study when one is already sleepy is counter-productive. Besides, sleep deprivation is often associated with a number of health risks such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, colon and breast cancer.So give yourself a break and allow your body it’s much needed rest.

The best way to be productive is to wake up as early as you can. When the mind and body has rested, it will be more easier for you to absorb information. Try to sleep earlier in the evening and wake up at dawn.

2. Master the art of catnapping

Yes, you can be creative and learn survival sleep techniques from the feline. You must grab every opportunity to do catnaps. Catnaps, power naps whatever you might want to call them gives the body a much- needed energy boost.

Instead of staring in space, checking out your crush, updating your FB status or simply playing mindless games in your tablet, use that 15-minute to power nap. More points if you can do it while standing, but not when driving.

3. Master the art of sleeping like a fish

Some people have this uncanny talent of sleeping with their eyes open and if you are one of them, and also in law school, you are one lucky fellow. This is sure one handy skill.

Dozing off in class is not advisable but when you badly need it, and you can do it while keeping your peepers open, you’re in a league of your own. Just make it a bit discreet and try not to get caught.

4. Time is gold, but you can time-bend

When you are in law school, trying to squeeze everything within a 24-hour frame seems next to impossible. Make use of your time wisely and creative. You can actually do a lot of things in an hour. In this short span of time, you can review your outline, cram-read 3 or more cases, have a 5-minute meal, and spend some restroom time for another 5 minutes. You can also hone multi-tasking skills just to make the most out of every minute. You may listen to an audio codal while getting stuck in traffic or upload law reviewers in a tablet and read them when your waiting in line.

Date life often takes a backseat when you don't have much time. To save time going out and dating, you might want to get a girlfriend or boyfriend from the same law school. That way, you can inspire each other, be study partners, instead of trying to fit in dating time in your already non-existent date schedule, you do incorporate date time with study. Just be clear with your priorities.

5. Gadgets and tablets are your ally

Be creative and make use of these gadgets in your study. You can record laws and make audio codals using an iPod or any other gadget recording device that allows playback. Another way is to download such audio books from online sites so you can use them and hammer the laws into your head subconsciously. Experts say that the mind does not really rest and it takes in everything even in your sleep. So, instead of listening to your favorite tunes, listen to them in your car and even while sleeping.


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