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How to Survive the Aftermath of a Super Comet Impact or an Asteroid Hitting Earth

Updated on May 21, 2020
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Rui Carreira is an entertainment buff who writes about a myriad of different things... one of them being lists.

How to Survive if An Asteroid Hits Earth: The Aftermath of a Super Comet... or Meteor

Well let's suppose a massive Comet or Meteor hits the earth and you survived. Now, you still have to survive later on - and most bloggers and article writers that write topics like these always say get shelter and food and so on.... well what happens is:

That's all pretty useless if the Earth's Magnetism patterns change, which will happen, and the atmosphere will change too.

Let's make this supposition, and you are free to disagree with me if you want - it just means we would be indifferent "tribes" while we were trying to survive.

There aren't two people that think the same, so let's consider my opinion here on how to survive the aftermath of a Super Comet or Meteor.

First Few Days After Impact: A Changed Planet Earth

So, to survive your first days on this new World you have to own a shelter - being it a deep cavern, a sturdy cellar, a bunker and:

  • Your shelter must have food (Rations, Canned Food, Dry Meat)
  • Must have medication (Anti-Biotics and such)
  • Must have water (bottled water, canteens)

It's a good idea to have some other things - like survival manuals, radios, batteries and everything you think of that makes a nice addition in the Apocalyptic World - think about building such a shelter before the catastrophe, as they are useful for natural disasters, catastrophes, and even Wars.

Feel free to pop out of your hiding place to assess the damage and to see if there are more survivors around - as this is just starting, people aren't yet killing each other for supplies and raping, pillaging, etc... enjoy all the help you can get while it lasts

Bear in mind, however, that if you have vitamin supplements and water, you can last up to 382 days (longest recorded case of someone living without food, only vitamin tablets).

This means that if you think a Comet, Meteor, or Asteroid is going to hit Earth, you may as well stock up on these as you can survive years with only these and the occasional bite.

The World After the Meteor Apocalypse: When Earth Gets Hit By An Asteroid

If the world is so devastated that you have to start from scratch, well then - time to get your hands dirty. We're living in a reality in which we can't depend on Bruce Willis to save us.

Try to find out through compasses and other devices just how affected the Earth's Magnetism was - this is probably going to be ineffective so quest for someone who knows if there are still authority media around. You're going to need to move!

If you can't find out about the impact's consequences then grasp the following: Due to the Earth's Gravity, Spinning, and some scientific mumbo jumbo, the best chance you'll get to live is to find somewhere well temperatures and the atmosphere is going to be the same: the best place to be is near the equator!

Now is the time to start anew, grab a good number of survivors - you should have a 2 Men for 6 Women Ratio - and harvest, gather or pillage some seeds! Aim for variety! Some are going to grow, some aren't made to grow in equatorial conditions but some will adapt.

If you're near Svalbard, then know that the international repository for seeds is nearby, in case you want to repopulate Earth with vegetation after the atmosphere cleans up, which can be dozens of years from then... in the worst cases hundreds of years even.


After You Get to the Equator: You Arrived in the Promised Land, Now Survive

Now, your group got to the equator, what now?

Well, you should start by doing the following things:

  • Building a Shelter;
  • Gathering Food;
  • Questing for at least 3 different water sources;
  • Farming

It's also important to monitor how wildlife species, mainly birds, act! This will let you know where you should be heading if you see you need to change your living place.

Don't forget that it is no wonder we're told Noah used a bird to check for land and that we always say animals "feel" stuff before we do.

Their heightened senses may be very useful for us in an apocalyptic future, especially one that makes the land inhospitable.

100 Years After the Meteor Apocalypse

Not after 100 years exactly, but after some good time has passed - you have to teach children, educate them to your culture or creating a new one, making them understand about the past, teaching them about how powerful mankind used to be.

Prepare your tribe to meet up with new tribes, negotiate, talk, share information.

Slowly, interaction will begin to grow and commerce will flourish, connections are going to be made...

And the path to progress is there :D

Conspiracy Theories

Opinion Time

Do you think an Apocalypse will occur in your lifetime?

See results

The Balance Must Be Restored: Nature Takes Over After the Super Comet Apocalypse

As it was in the time of Dinosaurs, Mother Nature will start taking over mankind's world and readjusting, healing itself.

On the mass extinctions of history, it was the adaptable species that survived, and now we must adapt or perish.

We, therefore, need to forget about our lives of old and adapt to the new conditions, which can be very unpredictable.

We must stay alert and look at the watercourses, oceans, animal species, plants and skies to know how to act and how to survive, and alertness to what surrounds us may be the key factor in saving us from human extinction.

I now hope you know more about how to survive a comet or asteroid apocalypse, and that meteors will be no match for you.

Well, at least you'll have added chances as if one hits Earth it probably will get hard to live.

We'll see, it's just a matter of when...

Perhaps the Yellowstone Geyser explodes first and we won't even have to watch a flying rock hit us. So many ways to die, it's a wonder we weren't already extinguished.

But COVID-19 won't take us either.


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