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Promising and Challenging Homeschool Trip on a Cruise Ship

Updated on October 28, 2021
Kenna McHugh profile image

A former teacher and tutor, Kenna enjoys helping children live a better life, understanding the importance of helping them become leaders.

Ronel Cruises and Tours
Ronel Cruises and Tours

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Taking kids on a homeschool cruise creates the opportunity for families to travel together and learn through the experience of seeing, walking, touching, and being there rather than reading a book or being homeschooled online.

Each port of call turns into the kids' classroom. They study with their traveling group and make new friends. Planning your trip is so important in making sure everything goes as intended by following these steps.


Effective Planning

Book your cruise early. You want to have plenty of time to plan and research itineraries and excursions off the ship. It's a good idea to take your homeschool cruise with a local homeschool group. Traveling with a group works best when you have children.

You can surf the Internet and find information about the different ports of call. It is best to go over this information with your children. The more you and your children know about the trip, the better you feel about going to a new place.

You should check with the cruise agent for information or details you need to know for a safe and fun trip because most cruise agents offer lists and helpful information packs. Encourage your children to earn or save money on tour because cruise ships cost money for arcades, tipping, and shopping.

Save Money and Educate Your Kids

If your homeschool group likes the idea of saving money by creating their excursions, the group will be together anyway. You can visit museums, aquariums, and reenactments.

With that, you can spend the extra money on a room with an ocean view. They are larger than interior compartments with a window and an open space terrace.

Set aside an evening or two with dinner in your room and watch a movie.

Going dancing with your kids is fun. You can do that at no extra cost because the cruise ship has dancing almost every night as part of the cruise package.

Navigating by Joy
Navigating by Joy

Homeschool Event Planning Guide

Make sure you check the weather conditions for your homeschool cruise to decide on the type of clothes to wear on the trip. You and your kids can sit down together and make a list of what to bring on the cruise.

Your kids will learn that careful planning is essential for a successful trip. Why not bring a set of walkie-talkies? Everyone in the family will be able to stay in touch while on the cruise ship. Walkie-talkies are a great way to keep track of your kids and other traveling companions. Make sure you bring extra batteries or a charger.

Talk to your kids about not forgetting essential items on the cruise. If you fail to bring something, it doubles in price on the ship. So, you need to plan, plan, and double plan.

You can create a simple lesson plan where you and your kids make a list and compare lists. Combine all the listings into one file for everyone to use. Set the listing aside where everyone can see it. As the weeks go by, add to it if anyone thinks of something to add. Anything new come up?

Cruise Ship Tips

Since you are traveling with your kids, you need to board the ship early. Arriving early leaves you plenty of time to deal with traffic and other delays without undue stress.

Always check in together as a family because separating the husband to park the car and come back can cause double work for everyone. Then, you would worry if he will find you and make it back in time.

It would help to check in as much luggage as possible with the porter when boarding. That way, you avoid the long lines and standing and waiting to get on board. You don't need to or want to carry an assortment of backpacks and pillows.

If your children are sleeping in the same cabin in an upper berth, realize that you have to push a button on the rear clasps in closing the berths. It means you need to make sure you understand all the ins and outs of how things work in your room before you embark on your adventure.

It sounds silly, but you need to make sure the toilet lid closes before you flush it because cruise ship toilets are notorious for making horrific noise, and it might scare the younger kids.

Taking these precautions saves you time and stress.

King Goya
King Goya

Homeschooling and traveling on a cruise ship are two wonderful freedoms in life.

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Eat Together as a Family

It is always a good idea to make sure your children have a friend with them for learning excursions. The buddy system works well if the group is going from place to place. No one becomes lost or left behind. Volunteer to watch other parents' kids as well. Be prepared for the children to stay up late for the midnight buffet.

You will want to keep extra cash in the porter's safe. Each child can place their money in an envelope with their name and only carry money that they will use that day.

It would help if you encouraged your children to tip their favorite staff on the ship. You might even want to create a family tipping envelope.

You will have a great time, but try to schedule meals with your children.

Most kids want to eat with their friends, but it is good to schedule an eating date with your kids. It can be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Just make sure you make it happen.

Disney Cruiseline Public Affairs
Disney Cruiseline Public Affairs

Homeschool Benefits

The cruise is an educational trip and is considered a valid field trip for homeschooling. Help your kids learn as much as they can retain. And whatever you do, make sure you have a great time with lasting memories.

© 2016 Kenna McHugh


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