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How to Teach the R Blends to Young Kids

Updated on November 13, 2013
Felisa Daskeo profile image

I am a certified teacher and have been teaching for more than 30 years. I also write fiction and non-fiction stories.

fr for frog:

frog begins with the consonant blend fr
frog begins with the consonant blend fr

The R Blends:

The next consonant blend or consonant cluster that I am going to discuss is the R blend. When you have finished teaching the L blend, the children are most likely eager to learn about the other blends.

Now you can introduce the R blend immediately minus the worry that the children cannot understand what you are talking about because they already learned about the L blend words.

When you introduce the R blends, make sure you tell the kids about the sound of r. The other children might have forgotten the sound. So, before proceeding to the main lesson; let the children play with the r sound. Say rrrrr rrrrr rrrrr just like the motorcycle starting. The little kids love this sound and they will all be saying the sound. Make them have fun with the sound then explain how you are going to sound out the r blends.

How to teach the r blend:

For example:

The word frog has an fr blend. Let the children listen to the initial consonant blend that you pronounce. It is important to let the children listen very well to the sound so that the next time you say a word, they will be able to identify the consonant blend that the word begins with.

In the word frog; you have to carefully dissect the word and explain it in detail how the word is read.

So, you do this; f + r = fr + o = fro + g = frog

The children must sound out the letters, blend them and read the word as a whole.

Here are some words with the r blend:

More Activities for R Blends:


Do not forget to always let the children copy a few words that they have learned for enhancement. Children generally learn words better when they copy the words. When the children copy; guide them to copy properly. The children have been copying for some time already and it is time they learn the craft the proper way. Some children can write legibly but they often interchange letters.

This is a common mistake among young learners. Instead of copying frog; they end up copying fog or frgo or forg. This is normal for young children so you have to be there to assist them. Some children miss a letter while others add a letter to the word. Instead of copying frog, they write froge or froeg. I once had a pupil who always added an e at the end of the word. These mistakes can be corrected early.

Picture-word Association

Picture-word association is an activity that trains the children to associate words to pictures. This is done by matching pictures to words or words to pictures. This activity can also be done by choosing the correct word that matches the picture.

Choosing the correct word using contrast

This activity will further enhance the children’s ability to connect and distinguish between contrasting blends. You can use both the l and r blends in words so that the children will develop their memory skills.

For example:

Use glass and grass, play and pray, glow and grow, and so on.

Game for blends

This time, you can play a game using the blends since you have already taught the l and r blends.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Get two boxes and mark them; l blends and r blends.
  2. Put all the l and r blend words in another box or jar.
  3. Let each kid pick a word then put it to the corresponding box. For example: if the word is flag then the child will drop the flashcard with the word flag in the box labeled with l-blends.
  4. Check the boxes then let the kids read the words in each box. Ask the children every time you read a word if it is in the correct box, if not, ask the kids where the word should be placed.

Games are always enjoyed by children so it is always good to include them in the classroom activities.

More activities for r blends:

  • Write the initial blend for each picture
  • Write the correct word in the blank.
  • Copy the correct word that matches the picture.
  • Put a ring around the blend that matches the picture.
  • Box the correct word that goes with the picture.
  • Match the picture to the word.
  • Match the word to the picture.
  • Color the picture that begins with the given consonant blend.

Sample Activity Sheet for R Blends:

© 2013 Felisa Daskeo


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      4 years ago

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      I understand that. But what if I had a niche that wasn't sceeahrd for very often? What if I had a hub that was well written and had great information but was only of interest to a small niche? I don't really care if it was only getting 10 hits a month. The combined hits were starting to make money. I honestly don't believe that the idle hubs are going to help hubpages because a truly pathetically written hub can still get traffic if it is getting lots of backlinks (which can be created). You're not doing anyone any favors in my opinion. I'd rather work with a site that will allow me to make my own decisions about what to keep.


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