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How to Treat Common Sports Injuries with Physical Therapy

Updated on July 28, 2019
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Ashley Rodriguez is the Content Marketing Strategist for Center for Athletic Performance, a premier physical therapy and performance clinic.

Injuries are common and often inevitable. Whether active or sedentary, many of us have experienced at least one type or form of injury before. While some only suffer from mild pain to discomfort, others are forced to endure bothersome and sometimes agonizing pain.

Having an expert evaluate you is paramount to your health. Injuries sustained while engaging in sports often call for Sports Physical Therapy.

Sports Physical Therapy is a specialized form of treatment that caters to people who live an active lifestyle. The cause of an injury may vary from person to person. Therefore, it is vital to know the types of treatment one may undergo to ensure a fast recovery.

Here are a few physical therapy programs that can help you recover:

Injury Evaluation

Any kind of physical trauma is stressful and alarming. Not knowing the extent of an injury is one of the main reasons why experiencing trauma becomes more distressing.

Having your injury and overall condition screened for evaluation is an essential step towards recovery.

To have yourself checked by experts not only reduces the risk of further damage, but it also allows you to recover more quickly with little to no complications.

During your assessment, you will be asked by a physician to provide necessary information crucial to your healing. This includes questions about how you sustained the injury, your age, and lifestyle.

Once provided, you will go through a series of tests to determine the severity of your condition. The physician will then discuss with you the necessary treatment for your injury.

Physical Therapy

Sports Physical Therapy is a program that addresses the demand for helping individuals with an active lifestyle recover from physical trauma.

Since athletes are anatomically and physiologically different from regular individuals, specialists like sports medicine doctors and therapists are the most fitting individuals to help you recover.

Rehabilitation plays a huge part in physical therapy. This process is pivotal when it comes to helping you regain your strength. Restoration of your mobility and flexibility are also attended to during the process.

Upper Extremity Rehabilitation

Different activities call for different uses of body parts. While cyclists and sprinters use their lower extremities more, baseball players and boxers focus on the development of their upper body.

Regardless of the chosen sport, the upper extremities are also subject for injuries. Be it caused by a fall or force, the arms are usually the one to take the impact.

The upper extremity rehabilitation program will address the damage to your hand or arm. Splinting is a common option for injuries that require immobilization as it prevents the hand from any further damage.

Electrical simulation is also another option if the patient is experiencing numbness to their upper extremities as it helps stimulate the nerves – promoting blood flow and preventing any nerve damage that might occur.

Orthopedic Treatment

Engaging in sports undoubtedly improves your physiology. While it is universally encouraged to live an active lifestyle, physical trauma often goes alongside. That's why Orthopedic doctors aren't only sought in times of injuries; athletes also approach them for medical recommendations.

Orthopedic ailments can be excruciating and may pose a serious threat to a person. Experts like orthopedic clinicians are highly-skilled specialists who ensure that any damage beyond the muscle or tissue is treated effectively.

Once done with the screening, your doctor may recommend a few essential treatment options for you.

One effective way of treating and preventing an injury is through the use of orthoses. Orthotics is an important device that helps improve your ability to move and function when playing a sport. An orthotist may recommend the usage of a custom-made device to assist you with your stance, movement, and overall function. Orthoses are also used by injured athletes who have trouble immobilizing the damaged area.

Joint Replacement Therapy

Some patients are forced to undergo surgery to avoid further complications. In most situations, surgery is only the first step. To fully recover from trauma, physicians also recommend that joint replacement patients go through therapy as well.

Joint replacement therapy follows a series of programs that aid in restoring a person's health. Most invasive procedures require several days to weeks of rest. Depending on your therapist, they will carefully examine your condition and build a custom program developed specifically for you.

Recovering from an injury takes a lot of patience and determination. With all the technological advancement in the medical field, injuries sustained by athletes aren’t as life-changing or career-ending anymore.


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