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How to Ace Every Test? These Ways Will Help You Out.

Updated on March 5, 2019
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Students straining to get their hankering grades can be assisted by this article as it deals with the efficient ways to study.

We all have been at that position where we, at least once, desired to get the highest marks or to make our parents proud by presenting good grades to them. The steps below will help you ace every test you take and eventually ameliorating your grades.

1. The 21-days rule:

To form a habit you have to repeat it persistently for 21 days at the exact same time. Find an hour or two of your day to study intently having no kind of distraction. Do it continually for 21 days and in the subsequent days you'll no longer find studying as a responsibility as you will be habitual of it and not studying during your study hours will then make you feel vacant. One of the hardest things is to remain consistent but the pay-off does commensurate with the hard work. Once you are habitual of picking up your books each day, you are only a quarter way away from the achievement.

Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.

— Dwayne Johnson

"Distraction is the greatest thief of time."

— Robin Sharma

Several students complain about not getting enough marks despite of all the hard work they put. I too used to whine about it until I realized whining over a problem never solves it, but finding its solution does. I looked up for the shortcomings in my way of studying and expunged them. Analyze how you study, make sure you are away from all the distractions i.e. cell-phones, television, someone gossiping around you, the stories in your head, etc. All these distractions will make you procrastinate more and more and leaving a huge undone work for you.

Refrain yourself from the extraneous happenings around you during the lecture too. Participate in the discussions as much as you can. This helps you learn to express your ideas in a way that others understand, also it assists you to build better understanding of the topic and you retain it in your memory for longer time.

"If you want to improve how you manage time-stop doing what doesn't need to be done!"

— Peter Drucker
  • Plan :

To succeed in any field, fore-planning is always the key. Set a goal to accomplish within your study time. This helps you remain focused and manage the time accordingly. Now, different students possess different ways to memorize. The two techniques that always work are:

1. Active Recall:

The technique of “Active recalling” is used globally. It is an efficient way of learning and retaining things for longer-term. For instance if you want to memorize a note on “Natural resources”, don’t just read or write it, rather take your practice tests which is active recalling. Without looking at your notes, try to recall what you read/learnt. If you are unable to do so then learn again and repeat the same. In this way you will be able to preserve the things in your memory for longer-term, and to recall them when required.

2. Teach:

Consider yourself as a teacher (not a sluggish or work-evader one) and teach yourself or consider yourself teaching someone else. In this way, you comprehend the topic completely. Once you feel the responsibility of teaching someone else, you start to grasp all the points ,even the minor ones in the topic. Then when you presume to explain to someone, you actually revise and clear your own concepts. For instance: If you are asked to explain "The Big Bang" theory to your crush, the first thing you'll do is to go through the topic in the best possible way. Doing this already builds your understanding but when you explain, you go over the topic all over again and in this way you end up apprehending every jot of it.

Do you have a crush?

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Just in case, you voted “yes”, know that keeping a crush is also a distraction and a hindrance to your good grades. But it’s okay to bear 2% decrement in the marks for your crush. He/She deserves it. (Just kidding)

  • How to attempt the test:

You can spend hours and hours on the preparation of the test but it is all nugatory if you do not attempt your test wisely. The noteworthy hours of your test describes your progress of the entire year. Employ every minute of it. Planning beforehand is always the key to ace the tests. If you are foretold about the time duration as well as the number and type of the questions you will be facing in the test then it is quite advantageous and favorable. Divide the time among all the questions in a way that you are still left with the time to double check your test. Managing your time saves you from panicking and attempting the questions hastily at the end. After you are done with the test, never submit without double checking it. Think about all the overtiring days when regardless of all the fatigue you still used to study just to score good in the exam and now that you are provided with the chance of bettering your performance, then why to leave it for the sake of a minor time?

If you are only a few days away from your exams and 21 days rule is too late to follow then do not fret over anything. Just start this moment, you still can do wonders. Follow the rest of the advises and you'll do pretty well in the exams.


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