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20 Tips to be a good reporter

Updated on August 19, 2014

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20 Tips to be a good reporter

I met many people cannot write well and dreaming about working in newspapers, and networks, such as, Telegraph, CNN, Washington Post, BBC, The Daily Mail, The New York times, also Los Angeles Times.

Reporters collect information then write stories with facts to tell people about updates events occurring in the city, county, and the world. And this is not easy, so I wrote 20 tips will help you write a good report.

1- Ready for every story

Before you depart for any event do enough research, and find out the developments.

The story requires research and meetings, but you cannot make a good meeting if you have not prepared sufficient information.

Unless you select the right questions the report will be losing necessary data. So you need, to collect sources, and then select headlines smartly and wisely.

You have to Study between words and must be doubted, also attention to detail.

2- Be open to new ideas.

Remember to keep your ear and eyes open all the time.

Respect the people. During a standard job in news media, you will contact or meeting with some people. Lots Of them will have a philosophy you agree with. Other people maybe stand for everything you hate. Don’t get angry, be nice and polite.

A good journalist must be fair and well-balanced, and that starts with attitude. Empathize with the issues and resources and be merciful.

There are many people living through bad situations. Your brain really should be equal as well as doesn't usually depend on the feeling facts. To achieve your aims as a reporter, you need to have a desire for truth, reliability and honesty.

3-Do not hesitate or afraid

It is essential to have good contact abilities. In general, discussion a lot of people have a habit to want to fill seconds of quiet with the talks. In a meeting, don't use that. Usually, if you let apparently awkward calm go, an interviewee will fill that empty with more details.

4- Do not publish wrong information

Be sure that the credibility of data at all times, never publish false information. Type the facts and do not put presumptions (they may often be incorrect); you need to discover and record the truth. The Lying will destroy your reliability.

If a person says an issue that you see necessary to the article, either it's allegedly truthful or simply a belief, make sure you quote that man. Next if what they informed you seem to be incorrect, it will be their reliability - not yours.

5- record everything and do not rely on your concentration, you will not remember.

You must have a pencil in your wallet or recorder. Points are necessary; create primary ideas and details in your book.

6- Follow up-to-date news and developments in your country and international news, if possible. Know the actual big difference between news and features.

7- You need to be a great audience to grow your vocabulary. And read formal publications to develop your abilities.

8- Think, what is actually happening after the headlines?

9- Speak with political leaders also intellectuals if you meet them.

A fantastic reporter could be Specialist Journalist, able to deal with a number of subject areas as well as talking with various people.

10- Build a list of important person’s names and post their number phones or email.

Be a public relations man. Build a network and continue to develop it 6- Ask yourself after the end of the day, "what I have achieved?"

11- If you have good digital cameras carry it. The pictures are very important; Correspondents are normally using photos in their articles to attract readers.

12- Take care of your health. Be activity man. A reporter needs to be quickly and specifically when doing reports, meetings and creating a last article. Keep in mind, a good reporter may not only make a good work, but should also make per deadline.

13- Be trusted and reasonable.

14- Study the copyright laws in your country.

15- Know your newspaper's guidelines.

16- Be patient and careful.

17- Attempt to become a specialist in a particular aspect, such as sports, or conferences, women, painting, violent act, or children, or religious beliefs, or economic system.

18- Observe journalists who are jobs admire you. Contact with them by email. And ask them if can help you to get work.

19- Be pleasure with your work. Write daily. Unless you get pleasure from reading, writing, maybe you chose the wrong place. You are required to become serious about details and training, and satisfied with your work.

20- Read magazines/books when you can.

Good Journalist

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