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How to Become an Art Gallery Curator ? Steps for a Successful Career as an Art Gallery Curator

Updated on December 17, 2012

Career as an Art Gallery Curator

Art gallery Curators is hired in art galleries and museums to oversee the gallery management. Apart from gallery management they execute a number of other functions that comprise budget management, employee training, public relations, grant writing, exhibit installation etc. If you love arts and have a thorough knowledge in that field, an art gallery curator is the suitable career for you. An art gallery curator should firstly be an art historian. The actual duty of a curator is to use their art history knowledge to help in preserving the art works and to determine its history

Art Gallery Curator Courses

Generally a degree in an appropriate subject such as art or art history is needed to attain the position of an art gallery curator. There are a variety of degree programs in art history, museum studies, curatorial studies etc that help a person to reach this post. In order to acquire the post of an art gallery curator, a graduate degree is also essential along with the bachelor’s degree. The post graduation course will usually take a time period of one year to complete.

A person can make himself more eligible for this particular post if he completes an extra master’s degree in either museum studies or art history or if he has completed a graduate program in curatorial studies or curatorial practices.

There are a number of degree programs that are much-admired in the academic and museum world. Many such programs are put forward by colleges and universities throughout the country.

There are a number of websites namely the UCAS, Hobson’s Postgrad etc that would help you search the best degree courses. The admission necessities for particular courses in colleges and universities are also to be checked in advance. There are also a number of educational websites that help you with details of various courses and skills required for the same.

A number of sections like the various types of art works, their history, skills required to analyze and understand them etc come under the different courses. While moving to the advanced level detailed study of the art forms including the location and the way it addresses to the various issues in society is also studies. Art forms throughout the world can include in the various courses. The master’s degree provides with more skills to the students for a career in a museum. However all these courses provide a complete understanding and knowledge in the field of art history.

Career Advice On Becoming A Associate Curator

Some practical volunteering experience as an internship or assistant in a gallery, small museums or heritage property is advisable to get you closer to your dream career before looking for a job. Such experience is sure to reach you to the highest positions in the curatorial employment career.


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    • Alex Adelman profile image

      Alex Adelman 3 years ago from Oakland Hills, CA

      Starting locally as a curator or hosting an exhibition for local artists is a great way to become part of the art community around you, and eventually grow that base. For example, in Oakland, California, there is a First Fridays where local artists and vendors get together and showcase their collection.