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Methods to sharpen eloquency

Updated on December 16, 2014

The importance of acquiring Eloquency

Eloquency is a very important skill in life. It allows us to express our own opinions and exchange them clearly with others. It also enhances our presentation and first impression during interpersonal interactions. Hence to master eloquency should be a priority for anyone with wants to expand one's social network.

To motivate a positive attitude

First of all, we have to create a positive and active attitude in acquiring the skill.

There are several ways to achieve that by using self implication at subconscious level. For example, we can reading aloud the sentence " I will voice out my opinion boldly, loudly, smoothly and leisurely" repeatedly like ten times every day while practising smiling in front of the mirror. Or we can picture the image of a confident self speaking out our opinions in a leisure and relaxed mode. These methods can motivate oneself to improve eloquency in a subconscious level.

Three main ways to enhance eloquency

There are several ways to enhance eloquency.

Firstly, we can practise abdominal breathing for five to ten minutes every day. Abdominal breathing, that is diaphragmatic breathing, enables more air to enter the lung in each breath and so one can breath less frequently and so can speak more leisurely.

Secondly, as practice makes perfect, we have to consciously grasp daily opportunities to practise eloquency. The next section will further elaborate on this.

Thirdly, we also need to look out and practise good manners during conversation until they become second nature. This will be discussed in later part.

How to Practise Abdominal Breathing

"Reading" newspaper

Daily opportunites to practise eloquency

Ample opportunities are In fact floating around our daily actiivites, waiting for us to practise eloquency every day. The followings are some examples.

We can consciously force ourselves to discuss a topic and exchange opinions with three persons we meet every day. We can also describe an event or incident we encountered that day in a logical and leisure way to our friends or family every evening.

Another convenient method is to read out newspaper articles for five minutes every morning and then summarise and paraphrase it with our own words for three minutes. The essence is to practise pronunciation and intonation by reading an article, then to practise connecting ideas and present them in a logical and leisure way. We can always record the script and listen back to refine it for several times.

"Breath, smile and look" before speak

Manner of speaking

Other than practising to logically build up the content of what we want to say, we also need to practise the manner of speaking which affects significantly what the listener perceives.

A good manner can allow one to enter a relaxed and welcomed mode soon before a conversation starts. There are essential three things we need to do, which can pacify our anxiety and make us feel more collected and under control. Before we speak, we should take a deep diaphragmatic breath without anyone can notice as our shoulder or chest has minimal movement. Then smile and look at the listener's eyes, before blurting out our words boldly, loudly, smoothly and leisurely.

In case of nervousness jumps in, we can always pause and take a deep breath after a sentence. It allows both the speaker and listener a break to reset the pace of interaction.

Summary of Ways to sharpen eloquency

Key Points
Positive Attitude
Use subconscious thinking, imagine sucessful image, practice smiling in front of mirror
Expression of ideas
participate discussion with people, read out newspaper articles, summarise the article, describe an event,
Before speaking, take deep breath, smile and look at the listeners' eye

Speak up boldly, loudly, smoothly, leisurely

Gaining Eloquency through practice

This article has suggested a lot of ways to improve one's eloquency. If you want to sharpen your eloquency, you must not only grasp the methods but also practise them every day consciously and repeatedly in order to achieve good result. All the best !


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