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How to buy a christmas tree

Updated on August 30, 2014

Happy Christmas!!!

Best buy of a Christmas tree!

Whenever we a buy a Christmas tree, we assumes that it is a fresh one. But our assumption is not always correct as we all know trees are shipped from distant places . The farther a tree grows ,the less fresh it is. And,most of these trees reach to the market are already dry and dead.

Millions of families love to use a real Christmas tree christmas celebration. Most of these trees are availed from Christmas tree farms and many are sold at local Christmas tree lots in the market places. According to the report from National Christmas Tree Association 56 million trees are planted each year for future use for Christmas

How can we know when a tree is fresh.

First thing to see while buying a Christmas tree is whether the tree is still green.Secondly,Catch hold of a tree branch and pull it toward you, allowing the branch to slip back through your hand. You will notice most, of the needles stay on the Christmas tree.then it is fresh else it is pretty old cut tree.If you really want a fresh tree, the best way is to cut down the tree yourself and keep planting more trees if the weather is suitable in your area so that you can have a fresh crop of trees for further use. In many countries you can buy Christmas tree cutting licenses. These licenses indicate where you can cut a tree for Christmas and what type of tree you can cut down.cutting down a tree can be dangerous too,thus it would be best to go with someone who knows how to fell a trees.

The next best way to get a fresh tree is to go to a tree farm which are basically grow trees for this purpose. Here you can pick a tree and the farm owner will chop it for you.and if you are Eco friendly and don't wish to kill the tree,then you can buy a tree that has been planted in the big pot and need not be killed for our own means ,you can keep the tree planted .More over you will have a fresh tree for ever in your house .

Important things to remember :-
Once the tree is inside your house, make sure that you keep it hydrated by keeping the soil moist if the tree is in a jumbo pot .Trees that are cut and brought ,make a fresh cut across(Cut 1/4 inch off the base of trunk if the tree has been harvested over 4 hours) the trunk of the tree near the base so that the water can easily keep the tree hydrated and keep the water level above the cut. Also, you need to keep the tree away from heaters and fireplaces as such sources would make the trees dry out faster. The last safety tip is to throw out your tree soon after the holidays, if its not a living tree .

  • Note:-
  • Remember that a living tree must not stay indoors longer than ten days
  • consider buying a Christmas tree in mid-November so you can have a best buy and you will get plenty to choose from
  • Keep the ball moist, wrap it in a plastic or place it in a tub.
  • Limit inside stay of the tree not more than 10 days


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