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How to crack IIT JEE mains in one (1) Year

Updated on February 10, 2016

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Need For IIT Degree

The traditional jobs which IITians take after doing MBA is management consultancy with fat salary. But the point is if they want to do MBA, then why to do engineering at IITs and waste four years. And to become an entrepreneur you do not need IIT degree. The IIT degree which you get would be helpful only in the manufacturing sector.

So many successful people thank God for not being selected in IITs, because they won’t be there where they currently are. So IIT is not end of life for many bright students of the country. There is lot after IIT and if you have talent then you can shine in your career.

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Should Three Attempts for IIT JEE should be allowed?

Should three attempts for IIT JEE allowed?

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Tips to crack IIT JEE Mains and Advanced in One (1) Year


  1. You should solve 15 numerical each day in Physics, Chemistry and Maths.
  2. You should have complete command over statics and dynamics in Physics.
  3. You should ignore calculus for JEE.
  4. You should solve past 25 years test papers.
  5. You should analyze your errors when you solve your test papers.
  6. Coaching is must to compete IIT JEE in one year.
  7. You should enrol in test series of FIITJEE.
  8. You should have complete command over Chemistry.

Longer Strategy


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