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How to deal with fridgid temperatures

Updated on May 27, 2017
Photo of snow before it was plowed
Photo of snow before it was plowed

How to deal with Frigid temperatures of Winter

Cold wind, the feeling of being cold is limitless when the fall and winter months hit because the wind is cold. It is worse when Winter comes.Winter, to some it's the dreaded time of year where the limitless amount of cold comes. During that time of year most of the time you have to wear limitless amounts of clothing in order to stay warm.Wearing limitless amounts of clothing during the winter months is scary sometimes that is due to the fridge temperatures. Also, the limitless amount of ice and snow when it falls on you or you step on it, that is when it will chill you straight to the bone. How do you deal with the frigid temperatures that feel limitless during this time of year? With it being so cold over the last couple of years, wearing limitless amounts of layers and I mean that literally is one of the best things that you can do. There is also things like heat socks or thermal wear that you can wear to keep you warm. When winter hit last year, I never realized how cold it could get. I wore layer after layer last year, just to go outside for ten minutes, I was never, used to wearing insulated leggings and long-johns, just to go outside to get into the car. But last year, I realized that with the cold temperatures I had to do that. The cold felt limitless if you didn't dress accordingly since it took forever to warm up once you came inside.

You would think that the frigid temperatures would only last, a year right? Wrong it is going to last about five years according to the farmer’s almanac. With the temperatures in the minus's for over a week, wearing insulated leggings or long johns is one of the best things that you can do. Eating lots of soup to keep you warm is another good thing. Don’t go outside without a warm coat, boots, and hats in this type of weather. If you let your body temperature drop like the weather outside it is going to take you forever to warm up.

I am one that doesn’t like to wear socks during the winter months inside or in my boots. I have to do that now though because it is too cold not to if your feet aren’t warm then the rest of your body isn’t going to be either. I don’t like being cold, but wearing socks is something that if I can avoid it I will. Right now, however, with the temperature being minus eight, I have to wear socks or else I will freeze. If that still doesn’t help wear slippers, you have heard me mention wear layers after layers. If you want to stay warm during the colder months, wear layers turn up the heat and stay indoors. This type of weather can turn at any moment which means it can freeze which will damage your body if you are outside without wearing the proper clothing. That is why wearing the proper clothing including long johns, long sleeve shirts and sweaters with jeans or jogging pants, and socks and slippers you should be warm enough. It is winter so wear winter coats, along with hats, gloves, and boots. None of the “oh I can still wear shoes with snow on the ground”.

If your feet and head are cold the rest of your body is going to be cold. So if you keep those two areas of your body warm. You will be all set. So dress for the weather and make sure that you keep the heat on in your house, or wear layers and keep a blanket out at all times. Having blankets out around the house and you get chilled the blanket will help to take the chill off so that you aren’t freezing for the rest of the day. Everyone has heard that if you get a chill, it takes forever to get rid of it. Well with the temperatures in the minus's right now, that is true so make sure that you keep your body, home and your pets nice and warm so that nothing horrible happens to them.

This is how to dress for the frigid temperatures of winter
This is how to dress for the frigid temperatures of winter

Winter is Limitlessly Cold

Don’t go outside in shorts and t-shirts it’s not that type of weather and you can catch hypothermia which is never good, wear pants and layers during these frigid temperatures and wear a warm coat and hat when going outside make sure you are all covered up when you are outside so you don’t catch frostbite in the frigid temperatures. Stay warm and safe during this time of year. The limitless amount of clothing, are a necessity so don’t forget to layer and stay warm. Don’t be outside for long periods of time it can be dangerous. With the winters we have been having, in Ontario, we need to be layered until we are sweating because of how cold it is. Which hasn't happened in years?

There are a limitless number of different things you can do to deal with frigid temperatures, dress warmly, always have blankets around, wear socks, use the heat in your house or your car if you have to drive the list is limitless so I won't list any more but these are a few things that you can do to deal with frigid temperatures. Especially when they are limitlessly cold and when you go outside and your hands turn red and so do your cheeks and you get so cold that you can't warm up.

However, if you are out in fridge temperatures and need to warm up there are limitless ways to do so, change your clothes, sit in front of the fireplace drink something hot. The list can go on and on, limitlessly. Most of the time I am limitlessly covered in blankets with the fire on drinking something hot when the fridged temperatures hit.How do you deal with frigid temperatures? Di you wear limitless amounts of clothes or do you sit covered in blankets like I do? Fridgid temperatures are temperatures that are really cold and you can't warm up after you have been out in them.

Bur its cold in the winter but it is pretty
Bur its cold in the winter but it is pretty

Frigid temperatures come in limitless amounts during the winter

During the winter months, frigid temperatures are all that you are going to have for the most part. So the cold in the winter is going to feel limitless, but there are limitless ways to deal with frigid temperatures. Wear a limitless amount of clothes and warm socks with your boots when you go outside in the cold. These are the types of things that you should do when dealing with frigid temperatures in the limitless amounts that they show up every year.

How can you deal with frigid temperatures in the winter? Let's Discuss

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