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How to distinguish Diamond Dove from Peaceful Dove

Updated on July 5, 2017

Diamond Dove

Diamond Dove

Diamond Dove is the smallest Australian Dove. It is characterized by a red eye ring, blue-gray head and breast features. It is about 8 inches long. It's back and wings are smoky brown with fine white spots on the wings. During flight movement in the air, it displays a chestnut wing panel. It is also referred to as Red-eyed Dove and the female is browner in color. In addition, it has slimmer appearance with evenly distributed long tail.

The male Diamond Dove can preform the mating "Coo" sound even though both male and female hen can make "Coo" and other alarm sounds. Diamond Doves are distributed in arid areas, scavenging for areas of recent rainfall and locating places where water and food are in abundance. Peaceful Doves are primarily sedentary even though some seasonal changes in distribution occur in the south and flocks may gather for short time in some regions.

Peaceful Dove

Peaceful Dove is bigger than Diamond Dove, sturdy in shape, and has long graduated tail and wedge shaped wings. It has blue-green eye-ring and scalloped black and white plumage on the breast and upper back. It's flight movement is direct, low to the ground and has a wavelike pattern. Peaceful Doves are about 8 and 9 inches in length (200 and 230mm). Peaceful Dove has a very unique call and it is the source of one of its many names; "Doodle-doo".

Peaceful Dove is naturally located in open dry woodland with a grassy underbrush and the edges of rainforest. They may be located in vine thickets, pandanus, and rivers near drier area of woodlands. They are geographically located in Eastern New Guinea, Australia, Indochina, Asia and South Burma. On the other hand, Diamond Doves are found in lightly wooded arid or semi-arid grassland where there is water. They are mainly located in Central, Northern and Western Australia.

Peaceful Dove (G.P. Placida)



Diamond doves have difference in physical appearance in terms of male and female. Males that are at least 4 to 6 months old have orange eye ring that are 2 to 3mm in measurement. On the other hand, female has reddish eye ring that is about 1mm to 2mm in thickness.

Peaceful doves which are usually found in dry, open grasslands with some scrub vegetation, which is used for cover, can feed on small seeds of grasses and weeds where the ground is bare in open spaces. The bird walks and runs about very quickly while feeding. As stated above, it has blue green eye ring.


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