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How to drown proof yourself as a beginner

Updated on July 30, 2015

How to drown proof yourself as a beginner

The reason why a lot of people sink and drown is because they panic, and start thrashing and splashing the water a lot, causing them to tire out, lose breath, drink water, eventually lose buoyancy and energy, and then sink.

If you keep your lungs full of air without letting them out at the surface of the sea, even if you have the most negative buoyancy, I can guarantee that you will still float on the surface of the water (If you're negative buoyant enough, you will still float but with your face submerged).

So what this means is that in theory, you won't sink with your lungs full of air.

So to conclude, how do you not sink? Simple - All you need to go is just constantly fill your lungs with as much air as possible. Whenever you want to take a breath, move your limbs downwards in a paddling motion to propel yourself upwards to take a breath of air. Repeat this constantly, while trying not to move unnecessarily.


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