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How to select and complete btech final year project.

Updated on September 16, 2014

Implementing Project : A Quick Review

I have, in this section, quickly described the methods which are essential for time bound completion of a project.

  1. Planning is most important in any project. One must be very adept in planning since it is the backbone of the project execution.
  2. Select a guide. The selection of the project guide is the second most important thing.
  3. Learn to make sound decisions. A small mistake in decisions can lead to giant error in projects.
  4. Never Haste. There are many instances when you cannot return to previous step without losing ample amount of time.
  5. The topic that you have selected must inevitably be under the ambit of your interests.
  6. The topic and the concerned task must be realistic. A friend of mine had tried to make a Humanoid robot. What do you think what happened to his project ? Of Course! He failed.
  7. Be very careful in selecting your project partners.
  8. You must be willing to dedicate lots of time(even if you have to steal time from your class).
  9. Punctuality and honesty are like pillars on which the structure of the project rests. You must inculcate them if you don`t have and if you have then you are miles ahead of your negligent friends.
  10. Project needs lots of courage and strong determination to stand on your decisions. Once you have decided to execute you must not change your decision. Although over a period of time you can modify your decision according to the circumstances.

Project is an Opportunity

It happens, especially with college students, that they view project with disgust and try to evade. And despite of the fact that they know it`s benefits they tend to procrastinate and at last they manage it somewhere from the market and happily contend that somehow they managed. This Hub is intended to convince them that executing the projects is no rocket-science and it can be handled easily.

Also there are guys who are ambitious and passionate enough to pursue their project but as soon as they jump in they find that they are mired and cannot deal with the impasse which is eating their most precious resource-- time.

I will outline here some methods adopting which the project will no longer seem a headache and adversity but it will become a mode through which you can hone your skills and get a good glimpse of your futuristic responsibilities. I have thoroughly described the methods which I found while pursuing my college project(which also is my current area of research).

What is a prototype ?

Prototype is a rudimentary conception of an objective which is to be accomplished. Prototype is required nearly in all projects and specially it cannot be avoided in the project concerned with the designs.

Prototype can be considered as a rough sketch of the over-all aim that is to be accomplished. You can skip it if your project is concerned with analysis. Prototype gives you overall idea about the nature of your project and time your project will take.


Time is the most precious resource.
Time is the most precious resource. | Source

Advantages of Project

This section is for those who do not like the idea of implementing projects but, instead, find it better to manage it somewhere from the market. The ones passionate and convinced about the benefit of the project can skip this section.

  • It gives one an extra edge and confidence in placement interviews. Remember, in placement interviews, questions from the final year project are most common.
  • It gives one an idea about the nature of the tasks that he is going to face in industry after his studies are over.
  • It consolidates the theoretical knowledge that one has learnt in text books and gives a strange feeling of happiness when he sees the theory getting implemented.
  • It gives a student new opportunities to learn professional work ethics.
  • It helps to gain mastery over the topic one is working.
  • It Exposes student in a new environment which is more practical and industry oriented.

The best thing in a project

Why do you like project most ?

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What are the Benefits of Planning ?

Although every intellectual person is well acquainted with the importance of planning but I have seen people working haphazardly. They avoid to put stress on their mind which planning takes considerably. My friend told me once that in any project, "80% of the effort must be on planning and 20% on execution." I don`t how much how many of you will agree with this but more or less my friend is correct.

If your planning is meticulous you will find that half of the problems in a project--which come as a result of haphazard execution-- are vanished. Planning takes care of time and if time is managed judiciously-- since it`s most precious-- you will be comfortable since you would have to deal with only genuine problems.

Planning also gives you time to think on the subtle matters which might be irrelevant in the present but may be beneficial or harmful in future.

Planning gives you ample of disposable time which could be used when you find yourself mired and you cannot move on.

Planning keeps you aware of your progress and make necessary decisions if you find yourself deviated.

Planning gives you opportunity to become diligent and finish your work with conscientiousness.

A Typical Project

3D schematic of double mechanical seal. CAD(Computer Added Design) tools are best platform for College Projects
3D schematic of double mechanical seal. CAD(Computer Added Design) tools are best platform for College Projects | Source

Elements of a Project

Serial no.
Gives you insight
Tests you courage
Makes you leader
Some facets of Projects and the area in which they hone the student.

Prototype is must for all projects.

Engineers devising the prototype.
Engineers devising the prototype. | Source

How to plan Projects

There is no defined rule for planning a project. The projects of the engineering students vary widely in their nature and complexity and hence to give a certain rule would be very tough task. But I have here outlined, below, the facts that must be kept in mind while planning the projects.

Make an outline:- It is very important for you to always remain clung to your objective. As soon as you have accomplished this then you make a rough sketch of the nature and the tasks that are to be completed in your project.

Be flexible:- I have found out that in projects it generally happens that one misses the deadline for a particular module. Hence it is very important that you include vestigial time duration between two successive intervals in which you have carry out your project.

Make a record:- It is very important that you have written your schedule on piece of paper and have it pasted on the room of your wall where you always throw a glance. Your plan must be very clear to you.

Estimation:- While planning your estimation is of prime importance. You must always consult your guide before planning and he will tell you very accurately the time that will be enough to complete a particular task.

Be stern:- You might be somewhat be dazed since I have just said above to be flexible and now I ask you to be stern. Well, I will furnish the reason which will justify that why I have done so. See, your project may also sometime need assistance from outside authorities who cannot be reached always. For that case it`s my strict recommendation that you always make sure that you will not miss the deadline. Since if you did so your project may run into delays which are potentially spurious to the timeliness.

How to make Sound Decisions in Projects ?

Henry Ford had one very wonderful habit. After he took the decision, he made it sure not to change it until and unless change could not be prevented. He said that one must take decisions quickly but after he has taken the decision he must change it very slowly.

Taking sound decision is a skill which can be inculcated through efforts. Decisions matter very much specially in time bound projects. There are some ways which I have highlighted below which will help one to strengthen his decision making skill.

  • Be rationale. You always need to consider the things which are justifiable and correct.
  • Never make decisions when you are going through emotional crisis.
  • Be inclusive. Even if something does not seem very obvious but it is related to your concerned task be considerate to look it at once.
  • Consult your guide before final decision. Make amendments as suggested by the guide.
  • Always keep your final objective in your mind while taking any decision.

Selecting a Good Project Partner

In order to complete your project in a smooth and time bound manner it very important that your relation with your partner remain cordial. So you need to keep following things in mind while selecting your project partner.

  • He must be interested in the topic and must have expertise in something which will lead to smooth execution even if the project faces rough weather.
  • His attitude must be compatible with yours. Although it is possible that he may become compatible later on but "A bird in hand is worth two in the bush".
  • Some times the selection of the partners also depends on the nature of the project. In my final year I had selected two partners due to the reason that they respected my independence(since it was a research oriented project) and they were calm.


In the end I would like to say that I have explained, in detail, only those points which needed explanation. Most of the points are self evident. Executing Projects is a fun if somebody just has a daring and somewhat adventurous spirit. Yes, even the projects are adventure since they lead you in the regions completely unknown to you before.

There are many obvious points in this hub that has been discussed. But there may also be which could have been left. I request my readers to draw my attention, if they find one, so that collectively we can make it more productive and useful for the mankind.

Wishing you all the best


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